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Mylecholumb III ny h-Albey: Difference between revisions

m (Goaill magh Malcolm_III.jpg, scryss Sreejithk2000 eh veih'n Chadjinaght by chyndagh rish y chooish shoh: Copyright violation: This is a modern painting, at most ten years old, and is still in copyright)
m (r2.7.2+) (bot caghlaait ec: el:Μάλκολμ Γ΄ της Σκωτίας)
[[da:Malcolm 3. af Skotland]]
[[de:Malcolm III. (Schottland)]]
[[el:Μάλκολμ Γ'Γ΄ της Σκωτίας]]
[[en:Malcolm III of Scotland]]
[[eo:Malkolmo la 3-a (Skotlando)]]