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Ta '''Aragonish''' loayrit ayns [[Aragon]] Hwoaie ([[Huesca]]). Ta'n Aragonish cosoylagh rish çhengaghyn elley, lhied as [[Spaainish]], [[Catalonish]] as [[Occitaanish]]. Ta ram fockleyn ayns Aragonish cosoylagh rish fockleyn [[Bascish|Bascagh]] myrgeddin. Ta'n Aragonish loayrit rish 10,000 peiaghyn. T'ee ny [[çhengaghyn romanagh|çhengey romanagh]].
[[Coadan:AragonLlengües languages-end'Aragó.png|thumbsvg|left|300pxthumb|424x424px|'''Aragonish ayns ruy''' ([[Aragon#Çhengaghyn|Çhengaghyn ayns Aragon]])]]
{{Çhengaghyn romanagh}}

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