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→‎Uus = Ts: çhennesseen for me
(→‎Uus = Ts: freggyrt/answer)
(→‎Uus = Ts: çhennesseen for me)
::: Apologies. I'll translate. oonoonsepchum is the word in the dictionaries. I know that it was recently changed to tennessine in English and named after the US state of Tennessee. However, there is no evidence, source or example in Manx under the new name. According to the Manx dictionaries, Tennessee, as in English, is the name of the state, and not Çhennessee... What do you think? Translate the name according to a phonetic Manx system, or translate it according to English and according to the Manx usage of Tennessee? Simply put, the choice is çhennesseen or tennesseen. [[Ymmydeyr:MacTire02|<span style="color:#003300;font-family:serif;font-size:100%"><sup>'''Mac&nbsp;Tíre'''</sup></span>]]&nbsp;[[Resooney ymmydeyr:MacTire02|<span style="color:red;font-family:cursive;font-size:80%"><sub>''Cowag''</sub></span>]] 18:27, 6 Jerrey Souree 2019 (UTC)
:: Çhennesseen looks more natural to me, if you take into account the series fluoreen, cloreen, bromeen, eeadeen, astatçheen. So it's plausible? [[Ymmydeyr:Urhixidur|Urhixidur]] ([[Resooney ymmydeyr:Urhixidur|talk]]) 01:57, 8 Jerrey Souree 2019 (UTC)


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