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| screeudeyr_y_skeeal = Vance Gerry<br />[[Mike Gabriel]]<br />[[Joe Ranft]]<br />Jim Mitchell<br />[[Chris Bailey (animator)|Chris Bailey]]<br />[[Kirk Wise]]<br />Dave Michener<br />[[Roger Allers]]<br />[[Gary Trousdale]]<br />[[Kevin Lima]]<br />Michael Cedeno<br />Pete Young<br />Leon Joosen
| aghteyryn = [[Joey Lawrence]]<br />[[Billy Joel]]<br />[[Natalie Gregory]]<br />[[Dom DeLuise]]<br />[[Cheech Marin]]<br />[[Bette Midler]]<br />[[Robert Loggia]]<br />[[Richard Mulligan]]<br />[[Roscoe Lee Browne]]<br />[[Sheryl Lee Ralph]]
| kiaull = [[J. A. C. Redford]]
| seyrlann = [[Walt Disney Pictures]]<br />[[Walt Disney Animation Studios|Walt Disney Feature Animation]]
| rheynneyder = [[Buena Vista Pictures Distribution]]
| çheer = [[Ny Steatyn Unnaneysit]]
| çhengey = Baarle
| bushaid = $31 villioon
| çheet_stiagh = $74,151,346
== Kianglaghyn mooie ==
* {{oikoil|http://movies.disney.com/oliver-and-company}}
* {{enmys imdb|0095776}}
* {{Rotten-tomatoes|oliver_and_company}}

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