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::: It is plausible. The question, however, is not the ending in -een, but the initial part of the word - çh- or t-. Manx pronounces the initial <t> in "Tennessee" as /t/ and not /tʃ/. I would assume that this should follow the same pattern and yield /ˌtɛnəˈsiːn/, thereby requiring a spelling of tennesseen rather than çhennesseen. [[Ymmydeyr:MacTire02|<span style="color:#003300;font-family:serif;font-size:100%"><sup>'''Mac&nbsp;Tíre'''</sup></span>]]&nbsp;[[Resooney ymmydeyr:MacTire02|<span style="color:red;font-family:cursive;font-size:80%"><sub>''Cowag''</sub></span>]] 20:01, 16 Jerrey Souree 2019 (UTC)
:: Okay, but how come çhitaanium (Ti), çheghnaiçhum (Tc), çhellurium (Te), and çherbium (Tb) get to change what is definitely not an initial /tʃ/ into one? [[Ymmydeyr:Urhixidur|Urhixidur]] ([[Resooney ymmydeyr:Urhixidur|talk]]) 16:58, 30 Jerrey Souree 2019 (UTC)
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