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{{CoondaeghynKishtey fys coondaeghyn Nerin
|ennym = Coontae Cheeill Mantan
|enmyn=Wicklow<br>Cill Mhantáin
|ennym gienneydagh = Cheeill Mantan
|baarle = County Wicklow
|staydys=[[Ardjyn Nerin|Coontae]]
|yernish = Contae Chill Mhantáin
|jarroo-raa = Meanma Saor
|brattaghjalloo cowrey = Wicklowcocoarms.png
|ard_valley=[[Keeill Mantan]]
|caslys_çheereyjalloo caslys = IrelandWicklow.png
|eaghtyr = 2,024 km²
|ard_valleyballey countee = [[Keeill Mantan]]
|coad = WW
|earroo yn phobble = 126,194
|blein coontey = 2006
|queiggey = [[Lion]]
|www = www.wicklow.ie
She [[Coontae|countee]] ayns [[Pobblaght Nerin]] eeeh '''Keeill Mantan''' ny '''Coontae Cheeill Mantan'''. Ta'n countee soit ayns [[Lion]]. She [[Keeill Mantan]] yny [[ardpreeu-valley]].
[[Image:Powerscourt HPIM1262.JPG|250px|left|thumb|Sally Gap]]
Ta'n countee çhemmit rishliorish ny coondaeghyn [[Coontae Valley Aah Cleeah|Balley Aah Cleeah]] da yn'n twoaie, rish [[Coontae Cheeill Darey|Keeill Darey]] da yn'n sheear, rish[[Coontae ''Carlow''Cheatharlach|Ceatharlach]] da yn'n sheear yiass as rish [[Coontae Logh Garman|Logh Garman]] da yn'n jiass. Ta [[Sleityn Cheeill Mantan]] soit 'sy counteechountee as she [[Log na Coille]] yn slieauclieau syrjey (925m).
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==BoandeyKiangley mooie==
*[http://www.wicklow.ie Coyrle Choontae Cheeill Mantan]
{{Nerin - Coondaeghyn}}
[[Category:ArdjynCoondaeghyn Nerin|Cheeill Mantan, Coontae]]
[[Category:Nerin|Cheeill Mantan, Coontae]]
[[ar:مقاطعة ويكلاو]]

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