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Hi TDKR, and welcome to the Manx language Wikipedia. I noticed that you have recently been creating articles in this project, and we welcome your contributions. However, could I ask that you pay a little more attention when creating articles. It has taken me over 2 hours to correct your mistakes and, considering the relatively small size of the project, that takes away from work which is much needed elsewhere in the project. For example, on all the articles relating to English actors, you never translated England (Sostyn), London (Lunnin); you claimed all actors, irrespective of nationality as American actors; one female actor you had mentioned as a male actor; one film critic you labeled an actor; all dead actors were apparently still alive (ta vs. va); no categories for any article, etc. If you have difficulty understanding Manx, perhaps it may be best to stick with one topic for the moment (possible living, male, American actors) until you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in Manx. If you have any difficulty, please feel free to contact myself, Shimmin Beg or Daniel Quayle. Regards, and best of luck, Mac Tíre Cowag 03:50, 7 Jerrey Souree 2013 (UTC)

Hi TDKR. Just to bring something to your attention. If you are going to concentrate on a particular sub-genre of article (such as my suggestion of male American actors), please be careful when it comes to grammar, vocabulary, etc. Take a look at the following:

She ben-aghteyr1 aegidagh2 Americaanagh ee3 Richard Schiff (r. 27 May4 1955). Ta enney mooar urree5 er son e paart6 myr Emil Hamilton ayns Man of Steel marish Russell Crowe.

  1. ben-aghteyr is the Manx for actress, not actor, yet the article is obviously about a male. The correct word should be aghteyr.
  2. aegidagh means adolescent or teenage, which is obviously not the case here.
  3. ee is the Manx feminine personal pronoun, similar to English "she".
  4. May is hardly the Manx word for "May"!!! A cursory glance at the English wikipedia and linking back to the Manx record would should Boaldyn as the correct Manx term. Please do not use English words where perfectly good and easily and readily available Manx words exist.
  5. urree is the third person singular feminine of the personal preposition er. You should have used the third person singular masculine, which would have been er (the same as the basic preposition).
  6. e paart translates as "her role" or "her part". You have used the correct personal pronoun, but in the wrong gender. E when referring to "his" always lenites the following consonant. "his role/part" is translated as e phaart.
Mac Tíre Cowag 01:45, 9 Jerrey Souree 2013 (UTC)
Hi TDKR. This is the third attempt at asking that you stick to a general template when creating articles, as it's very obvious you don't quite understand what you are writing (personally, I believe you don't speak a single word of it - hence the reason behind so many errors). I asked you before to stick to a genre, such as American male actors. You're recent article on David Letterman insinuates that he is a film actor!! Do you know some information the rest of the Wikipedias, the planet and David Letterman himself don't know? He is a TV host, presenter and comedian. Please, stick to the advised arrangement or we will be forced to start issue warnings. On the Manx Wikipedia, due to the lack of personnel, we have a three strikes policy for registered users, and a single strike policy for IPs. If you fail to stick to what was advised, or if you fail to engage in discussions with us, this will be seen as disruptive behaviour and will result in your first official warning. Regards, Mac Tíre Cowag 17:18, 31 Jerrey Souree 2013 (UTC)

Raaue - Warning[edit source]

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Hi TDKR Chicago. I have spoken to you before about sticking to a general template when creating articles. You have failed to do this and have failed to engage in dialogue on any of the issues I have raised with you previously, yet you continue to create articles with incorrect information in them. It is quite obvious that your level of Manx is minimal at best (e.g. you tend to copy parts of sentences without endings, and so rendering them meaningless, as you did with the Johnny Cash article: " eh foast ny oltey jeh'n vann..." which literally translates as "while he was still a member of the band" - which band??). As such, and as per my previous comment, I have been forced to issue you with your first official warning. Regards, Mac Tíre Cowag 22:22, 14 Luanistyn 2013 (UTC)

Dty nah raaue - Your second warning[edit source]

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Hi TDKR Chicago. It appears your sole purpose on this Wikipedia is to cause trouble and hassle. Simply put, it is appearing likely that the work you do put in is instantly rendered void by the amount of incorrect information. Take your latest article (Frank Lloyd Wright‎). It shows a picture of a man along with a birth year and death year. So why are you describing him as a living teenage female actress? As per previous comments, please take this as your second official warning. One more instance of vandalism and you will be blocked. Mac Tíre Cowag 17:30, 1 Mean Fouyir 2013 (UTC)

Glassey magh - Block[edit source]

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This account, upon further investigation, and based on the commentaries to be found here and here, has been indefinitely blocked. Mac Tíre Cowag 19:17, 1 Mean Fouyir 2013 (UTC)