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|ynnyd-eggey = [http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/ www.derbyshire.gov.uk]
She [[coondaeghyn Hostyn|counteecoontae]] reiragh as jesh-chliaghtagh ayns [[Mean-çheerey Hiar Hostyn]] eh '''Derbyshire'''. T'eh çhemmit liorish [[Nottinghamshire]] da'n çhiar, [[Leicestershire]] da'n çhiar yiass, [[Cheshire]] da'n çheear, [[Staffordshire]] da'n çheear yiass, [[Manchuin Vooar]] da'n çheear hwoaie, [[Yorkshire Heear]] da'n twoaie, as [[Yorkshire Yiass]] da'n çhiar hwoaie.
She [[Derby]] eh y preeu-valley tradishoonagh, agh she [[Matlock, Derbyshire|Matlock]] eh yn ard-oik reiragh jeianagh. She [[lught-reill unnaneagh]] eh Derby nish, agh t'eh goit stiagh ayns [[coondaeghyn jesh-chliaghtagh Hostyn|counteecoontae jesh-chliaghtagh]] Derby ny yei shen.
== Imraaghyn ==


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