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Çhengaghyn Harrish-Noa-Ghuinea

Ass Wikipedia.
Rheam: Noa-Ghuinea, Nusa Tenggare as ny h-Ellynyn Maluku
Rang-oardraghey: Kynney çhengey currit roish

She kynney çhengey currit roish eh Harrish-Noa-Ghuinea, goaill stiagh ymmodee çhengaghyn Papooagh. T’eh er ny chur magh er bun caslys far-enmyn son y chooid smoo[1]. Ta harrish 500 çhengaghyn ‘sy chynney shoh[2], as mysh 3 millioon loayreyder.

Cha nel coardail rish çhengoayllee cre’n çhengaghyn lhisagh ve ‘sy chynney shoh, ga dy vel ad goaill rish dy vel mooinjerys eddyr kuse jeh ny çhengaghyn shoh.

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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