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69 (shassoo keintyssagh)

Ass Wikipedia.
Fer as ben cloie keintys beill coreggyrtagh 'sy çhassoo 69

Ta nuy as sheyad, nuy as tree feed, ny 69, ny t'er enney fo'n ennym Frangish soixante-neuf (69),[1] çheet er possan dy hassooyn keintyssagh raad ta daa pheiagh çheughey ayns aght raad dy vel nyn meealyn faggys da comyssee nyn gommagh, as y daa jeu cloie keintys beill er y dooinney elley.[2][3][4] Ta ny commee ayns shassoo byn ry-skyn gollrish ny h-earrooyn 6 as 9 'syn earroo 69.[4][5] Foddee mestey erbee jeh ny keintyssyn cloie yn shassoo shoh.

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