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Ta'n adultrinys, ny brishey-poosey ny maarderys keayrtyn, çheet er keintys neuphoosee ta coontit graney er bun sheshoil, crauee, moraltagh, ny leighoil. Ga dy vel ny jannooyn keintyssagh ta coontit myr yn adultrinys, chammah as ny h-eiyrtyssyn sheshoil, crauee, as leighoil, anchasley rish y cheilley, ta'n smooinaght ry-gheddyn ayns ram cultooryn er feie ny cruinney as shymmey cosoylaght t'echey 'sy Chreestiaght, 'syn Ewaghys, as 'syn Islam.[1] Ta ram reillyssyn coontey yn adultrinys myr red loghtanagh er çheu yn voraltaght heayagh as dy vel eh towley fo voalley yn phoosey.[2][3]

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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