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Armys Vannin

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Armys Vannin
Doltit 1996
Scape lught-thie (Baarle) Gules a Triskele Argent garnished and spurred Or
(Gaelg) Er jiarg Tree Cassyn Giall-Argidagh karrit as spuirrit Airhey
Bhutyn Shirragh y ree as feeagh
Jarroo-raa Quocunque Jeceris Stabit

Ta armys Vannin ny chowrey ny ny armys oikoil Vannin. V'eh doltit er 12 Jerrey Souree 1996. She Armys E Ard-Ooashlid ayns Cair Ellan Vannin yn ennym kiart er. Ta'n armys jeant seose jeh scape lesh tree cassyn er, as ny tree cassyn shen jeant seose jeh tree cassyn deiney cam er magher jiarg. She shirragh y ree as y feeagh ny bhutyn.

She Quocunque Jeceris Stabit (Ladjyn er son: Aghterbee ceauee shiu eh, shassee eh) y jarroo-raa.