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Cappagh caggee

Ass Wikipedia.
Cappee chaggee Austrailagh as Ollanagh ayns Tarsau, y Çheer Thai ayns 1943

Ta cappagh caggee, ny pryssoonagh caggee, çheet er peiagh fo cappeeys ec pooar troiddagh ny caggoil car, ny jeeragh lurg, streeu armit.

Fo Conaantyn Geneva 1949, ta staydys yrjit feallee choadit bronnit er cappee chaggee, cur liorish shivoilee as troddanee ta hors de combat ("ass caggey").[1]


[reagh | edit source]
  1. "The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law: Protected Persons". Doctors Without Borders.

Kianglaghyn magh

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