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Gow gys: stiureydys, ronsee
Clarkia pulchella.jpg

Rang oaylleeagh
Reeriaght: Plantae
(neu-rheynnit): Angiospermae
(neu-rheynnit): Eudicotyn
Oardagh: Myrtales
Kynney: Onagraceae
Genus: Clarkia
Dooie: C. pulchella
Ennym daa-ennymagh
Clarkia pulchella

She lus blaagh 'sy chynney Onagraceae eh clerkagh (Clarkia pulchella). T'eh dooghyssagh da'n Eearvooir Heear-hwoaie. She dooie sorçh Clarkia t'ayn. V'eh feddynit ec Meriweather Lewis ayns ynnyd Kamiah, Idaho rish turrys Lewis as Clark. Ny yei shen, cha jagh eh er rang-oardraghey neayr's 1814. Ta'n ennym echey çheet er Clark ga dy nee Lewis hooar eh.

Shennaghys oaylleagh[reagh | edit source]

Ren Robert Brown ymmyd jeh tra hooar magh eh arraghey Brownagh. V'eh scrutaghey pollyn clerkagh ayns ushtey liorish mynreayrtan son studeyrys er torraghey. [1]

Ren Newman as Pilson ymmyd jeh myr sampleyr jeh kiangley oyragh eddyr anchaslys genetagh ayns pobble as mayrnaght y phobble. [2]

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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