Ass Wikipedia.

Hoi, Failt! Ta failt ort gys Wikipedia! Gura mie ayd ass dty chohortyssyn ta currit stiagh. Ta treisht orrin dy vees taitnys goit ayd ass dty hraa ayns shoh! T'eh aashagh art noa y chur er bun, as goll dys y Halley Baljey dy loayrt lesh ny h-ymmydeyryn elley (my oddys oo eh shen dy yannoo), ny goll dys ynnyd y phobble dy ghoaill greim er ny taghyrtyn ny s'anmey er Wikipedia.

My sailt, cur dt'ennym er dty haghteraghtyn er duillagyn resoonaght lesh kiare tilde (~~~~); t'eh shen lhiggey da cur sheese dt'ennym ymmydeyr as y date dy seyr-obbragh. My vel cooney ry-laccal ayd, jeeagh er Wikipedia:Cooney, ny cur feysht dooin er y duillag resoonaght. Reesht, failt ort!

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