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Template:Interwikitmp-grp6 (Use to tag and auto-categorize Documentation pages)
   ver== P2E Update to 01-25-2007

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Adapted From interwikitmp-grp2 w/cats diffs= 09-05-06 (Pass 2a Upgrades Genesis),



:This Interwikitmp-grp (family of) templates documentation is transcluded from w:Template:Interwikitmp-grp/doc [edit local page].

General usage[edit source]

This is usage for the nine+ 'interwiki template linking' and the various (8) interwikitmp-grpX 'auto-categorization' and template tagging and linking utilities.
  1. Each individual sister template ends with the suffix 'tmp' and start with the menemonic name of the sister, sometimes in abbreviated or CamelCase text form. (e.g. WikiPtmp, WikiNews, WikiSpecies are all CamelBack, whilst WikiPtmp is also an abbreviation.
  2. Each of the interwikitmp-grpX templates differ mainly in the categorization they perform and slight differences in usage text they present (interwikitmp-grpD, where 'D' is for documentation).
  3. Each number suffixed version differs in the mix of categories which they autotag for uniform categorization across the English language sister projects. This aids people by having common tools in common places that perform the same common way.
  4. Foreign language adaptations of this system are encouraged, but beyond the scope of this project. Copy the pages, and translate the usage, and you should be in good shape.

Clowan:Interwikitmp-grps see also Clowan:Interwikitmp-grpNN usage

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