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Co-rollagys y Ven Gheulit

Co-ordnaidyn: Kaart y speyr 00h 42m 44.3s, +41° 16′ 9″
Ass Wikipedia.
Co-rollagys y Ven Gheulit
Sorçhco-rollageys caslagh, co-rollageys as çheshvean co-rollageyssagh bio
Sorçh jalloo-oaylleeaghSA(s)b[1] Edit the value on Wikidata
Date feddyn magh964
Epennymy Ven Gheulit
Red lhiennoo
Co-hollys rollageaghy Ven Gheulit Edit the value on Wikidata
EashJ2000.0 Edit the value on Wikidata
Troyn fishigagh as rollageagh meadragh
Jiarg-astreeaghey−0.000677[2] Edit the value on Wikidata
Craue raadeeoil110,000 ly Edit the value on Wikidata
Jarroo-vooadys−21.5 Edit the value on Wikidata
Mooadys baghtal (V)3.44[3] Edit the value on Wikidata
Glout800,000,000,000 M☉[4] Edit the value on Wikidata
Parallax6 mas[5] Edit the value on Wikidata
Kiart-ghleashaght (cleaney)−9 mas/y [6] Edit the value on Wikidata
Kiart-ghleashaght (kiart-irree)−3.4 mas/y [6] Edit the value on Wikidata
Bieauid chrantessenagh−300 km/s[7] Edit the value on Wikidata
Kiart-irree (α)0h 42m 44.33s[8] Edit the value on Wikidata
Jee-chleayney (δ)41° 16′ 7.5″[8] Edit the value on Wikidata
Ayrn jehy Possan Ynnydagh, [TSK2008] 222 (en) Translate as Possan M31 Edit the value on Wikidata
Catalogyn rollageydagh
NGC224 Edit the value on Wikidata

She co-rollageys caslagh schimmeigagh eh Co-rollageys y Ven Gheulit (Baarle: Andromeda Galaxy). T'eh ny cho-rollageys mooar s'niessey da Raad Mooar Gorree. T'eh recortyssit ayns ny catalogyn myr Messier 31, M31, as NGC 224. Ta'n Ven Gheulit mysh 46.56 kiloparsecyn (152,000 sollys-vleeantyn) er crantessen eesophoteagh D25[9] as t'eh soit mysh 765 kpc (2.5 villioon dy hollys-vleeantyn) veih'n Dowan.

Ta glout virialagh Cho-rollageys y Ven Gheulit cha mooar as glout virialagh Raad Mooar Gorree, er 1 trillioon dy ghlout ny greiney (2.0×1042 kilogramyn). S'dooillee glout y daa cho-rollageys y ooley dy cruinn, agh v'eh foddey er credjal dy row Co-rollageys y Ven Gheulit ny smoo na Raad Mooar Gorree er 25% ny feeu 50%.[10] Ansherbee, ta feyshtyn ayn jiu bentyn rish y çheiltynys shen as studeyryssyn s'jeianee gra dy vel y Ven Gheulit ny sloo er glout, foddee,[10] na glout Raad Mooar Gorree.[11][12] Ta'n Ven Gheulit mysh 46.56 kpc (152,000 ly) er crantessen, yn oltey smoo mastey olteynyn y Phossan Ynnydagh dy cho-rollageyssyn rere sheeyntaght.[12]

T'eh jerkit dy ragh co-rollageyssyn Raad Mooar Gorree as y Ven Gheulit ry-cheilley lurg 4–5 billoonyn dy vleeantyn,[13] as ad mestey ry-cheilley myr co-rollageys eelipsagh feer vooar[14] ny co-rollageys daa-ghronnagh mooar.[15]

Ta Co-rollageys y Ven Gheulit 3.4 er mooadys baghtal as, rere shen, t'eh coontit mastey nheeghyn Messier s'gilley,[16] as t'eh ry-akin da'n tooill veih'n Dowan ayns oieghyn reghorraghey,[17] feeu ta'n fakider jeeaghyn er ayns ardjyn as sollaghey sollysh resoonagh ayn.[9]

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