Edith Pargeter

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Edith Pargeter
Ellis Peters.jpg
Ruggit 28 Mean Fouyir 1913
Horsehey, Shropshire, Sostyn
Hooar baase 14 Jerrey Fouyir 1995
Madeley, Shropshire , Sostyn
Ynnyd beaghee Madeley (en) Translate
Ashoonaght Sostnagh
Seyraanaght Reeriaght Unnaneysit
Çhengey Baarle
Keird çhengoayllee · screeudeyr · çhyndaader · noaskeealagh · boheameyder
Shaanrey far-skeealaght chronneyder
Sheshey no value
Mie er enney son Yn Straih Brother Cadfael
Credjue Anglicaanaghys
Coorse caggee
Shirveish/crouw Women's Royal Naval Service (en) Translate
Faghtyssyn caggee Yn Nah Chaggey Dowanagh
Kianglaghyn fysseree as sheshoil
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Va Edith Mary Pargeter, OBE, BEM ruggyrit er 20 Mean Fouyir, 1913 ayns Horsehay, Shropshire, Sostyn.[1] She screeudeyr messoil ayns ymmodee genreyn v'ayn, shennaghys as far-skeealaght shennaghagh er lheh, fo ymmodee far-enmyn. Va enney eck son çhyndaaghyn jeh screeuaght Heckagh chlassicagh chammah. Erskyn ooilley, ta enney mie urree son ny folliaghtyn dunverys screeut eck.

Va ayr Pargeter ny chleragh ec thie obbyr yiarn; va anaase mooar ec y voir eck er shennaghys ynnydagh, beiyn, lossreeyn as ein ny çheerey. Hug ee y fys shoh dys ny paitçhyn, as haink y graih cheddin da Pargeter er y voayl; car e bea, ren ee cummal fo tree meeilley jeh'n voayl ruggyree eck. Va'n braar eck cummal maree, derrey hooar eh baase ayns 1985.[1]

Erreish da faagail scoill, ghow ee obbyr myr rheynneyder da potecaree. Ayns shen, dynsee ee mooarane fys mychione nieughyn as ny hobbraghyn oc.[1]

Hie y chied skeeal folliaght eck, Fallen into the Pit, er soilshaghey magh ayns 1951 fo'n ennym kiart eck, agh er lhee nagh row ny soilsheyderyn mie dy liooar.[1] Chammah's shen, v'eh foee lhiggey da sleih eddyrscarrey ny lioaryn folliaght screeut eck jeh ny lioaryn shennaghys. Myr shen, ren ee croo y far-ennym Ellis Peters; va Ellis ennym e braar, as Peters ass Petra, inneen e carrey veen ayns y Çheckoslovack.[1] Y straih share er enney eck, Brother Cadfael, mychione monnagh mean-eashagh, v'ad screeut eck myr Ellis Peters. Va claareyn çhellveeish jeant jeh kuse jeu.

Va shennayraghyn Bretnagh ec Pargeter, as va mooarane jeh ny skeealyn as lioaryn screeut eck bentyn rish Bretin as thalloo cree Vretin, ny va caggeyderyn Bretnagh oc.

Rish y Nah Chaggey Mooar, v'ee gobbraghey myr reagheyder 'sy Women's Royal Naval Service, as chossyn ee y British Empire Medal.

Dooyrt Pargeter[1] dy dug ny lioaryn Cadfael ny smoo eunys jee na red erbee elley ayns e bea obbree. B'haittin lhee dy row ee er chur anaase er shennaghys Shrewsbury da whilleen sleih, as er chur wheesh cooney da tashtey aachouyr yn abban. Haink post ard-jeeaneyderyn jee jeh'n chlere, screeudeyryn shennaghys, as studeyryn ayns Ard-Valley yn Phaab.

Hooar ee baase ayns Shropshire er 15 Jerrey Fouyir, 1995.[1]

Rolley Lioaryn[reagh | edit source]

Myr Edith Pargeter[reagh | edit source]

Treeskeealag "The Heaven Tree"[reagh | edit source]

  • The Heaven Tree (1960)
  • The Green Branch (1962)
  • The Scarlet Seed (1963)

Kiaraid "The Brothers of Gwynedd"[reagh | edit source]

  • Sunrise in the West (1974)
  • The Dragon at Noonday (1975)
  • The Hounds of Sunset (1976)
  • Afterglow and Nightfall (1977)

Elley[reagh | edit source]

  • Hortensius, Friend of Nero (1936)
  • Iron-Bound (1936)
  • The City Lies Four-Square (1939)
  • Ordinary People (1941) (ny People of My Own)
  • She Goes to War (1942)
  • The Eighth Champion of Christendom (1945)
  • The Fair Young Phoenix (1948)
  • By Firelight (1948) (US title: By This Strange Fire)
  • The Coast of Bohemia (1950) (neu-farskeealaght, mychione turrys 'syn Çheckoslovak)
  • Lost Children (1951)
  • Holiday With Violence (1952)
  • Most Loving Mere Folly (1953)
  • The Rough Magic (1953)
  • The Soldier at the Door (1954)
  • A Means of Grace (1956)
  • The Assize of the Dying (1958) (skeealyn beg)
  • A Bloody Field by Shrewsbury (1972) (enmys ayns SUA: The Bloody Field)
  • The Marriage of Meggotta (1979)

Myr "Ellis Peters"[reagh | edit source]

George Felse as y Lught-Thie echey[reagh | edit source]

  • Fallen into the Pit (1951)
  • Death and the Joyful Woman (1961) (Edgar Award for Best Novel, 1963)
  • Flight of a Witch (1964)
  • A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs (1965) (enmys ayns SUA: Who Lies Here?)
  • The Piper on the Mountain (1966)
  • Black is the Colour of my True Love's Heart (1967)
  • The Grass-Widow's Tale (1968)
  • The House of Green Turf (1969)
  • Mourning Raga (1969)
  • The Knocker on Death's Door (1970)
  • Death to the Landlords! (1972)
  • City of Gold and Shadows (1973)
  • Rainbow's End (1978)

Brother Cadfael[reagh | edit source]

Jeeagh er Brother Cadfael.

Elley[reagh | edit source]

  • Death Mask (1959)
  • The Will and the Deed (1960) (enmys ayns SUA: Where There's a Will)
  • Funeral of Figaro (1962)
  • The Horn of Roland (1974)
  • Never Pick Up Hitchhikers! (1976)

Myr "John Redfern"[reagh | edit source]

  • The Victim Needs a Nurse (c.1940)

Myr "Jolyon Carr"[reagh | edit source]

  • Murder in the Dispensary (1938)
  • Freedom for Two (1939)
  • Masters of the Parachute Mail (1940)
  • Death Comes by Post (1940)

Myr "Peter Benedict"[reagh | edit source]

  • Day Star (1937)

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Kianglaghyn mooie[reagh | edit source]