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James Woods

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James Woods

Woods ayns 2015
Ruggit 18 Averil 1947
(77 bleeaney d'eash)
Vernal, Utah, SUA
Seyraanaght Steatyn Unnaneysit America
Çhengey Baarle
Keird aghteyr · cloieder poker
Bleeantyn obbree 1969–jiu
Ynsagh Massachusetts Institute of Technology (en) Translate
Pilgrim High School (en) Translate
Warwick Veterans High School (en) Translate
Partee politickagh y Partee Pobblaghtagh
Credjue Agglish Chatoleagh Raueagh
Kianglaghyn fysseree as sheshoil
IMDb nm0000249
X RealJamesWoods

She aghteyr Americaanagh eh James Howard Woods (ruggit er 18 Averil 1947). Ta enney mie er son yn obbyr echey ayns gientynyn scannane, ardan, as çhellveeish eigsoylagh. Hoshee yn coorse bea echey lesh paartyn beggey er, as magh voish, Broadway. Ayns 1972, chloie eh er The Trial of the Catonsville Nine marish Sam Waterston as Michael Moriarty er Broadway.[1] Ayns 1972 chossyn eh Theatre World Award son e chloie ayns Moonchildren. Ayns 1978, ren Woods brishey stiagh er y çhellveeish marish Meryl Streep, cloie e fer sheshee 'sy vyn-straih ard-voyllagh Holocaust. Hie yn straih er oaie geddyn Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series. Lurg e chied chloie scannane ayns The Visitors (1972) liorish Elia Kazan, ren eh cloie paartyn co-hassooagh ayns scannane, goaill stiagh The Way We Were liorish Sydney Pollack as Night Moves (1975) liorish Arthur Penn.

Ayns 1979, hooar Woods ard-voylley son e phaart toshee myr Gregory Powell 'sy scannane creauagh kimmeeys The Onion Field. Ren y cremeyder Roger Ebert cur moylley er Woods son y scannane shen, as dooyrt eh dy nee "[dooinney] schleioil er lheh" eh.[2] Hooar Woods enmyssaght son Aundyr Golden Globe son e chloie. Car ny 1980yn, ren Woods cloie ayns scannaneyn lheid as Videodrome (1983) liorish David Cronenberg, Once Upon a Time in America (1984) liorish Sergio Leone, as Salvador (1986) liorish Oliver Stone, raad hooar eh e chied enmyssaght son Aundyr Academy.[3] Car ny 1990yn, ren eh cloie paartyn karacteyr ayns Chaplin (1992) liorish Richard Attenborough, Casino (1995) liorish Martin Scorsese, Nixon (1995) liorish Oliver Stone, as Vampires (1998) liorish John Carpenter. Ayns 1997, hooar Woods e nah enmyssaght son Aundyr Academy son e chloie myr Byron De La Beckwith, y dunver as kiondeeaghteyr bane jeh'n 'er toshee 'sy ghleashaght cairyn theayagh, Medgar Evers, ayns Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) liorish Rob Reiner.[4] Ren Woods goll er oaie cloie paartyn co-hassooagh ayns Any Given Sunday (1999) liorish Oliver Stone, Contact (1997) liorish Robert Zemeckis, True Crime liorish Clint Eastwood, as The Virgin Suicides (1999) liorish Sofia Coppola.

Ta enney mie er chammah son e phaartyn ayns scannaneyn çhellveeish lheid as Bill W. ayns My Name is Bill W. (1989), Roy Cohn ayns Citizen Cohn (1992), as Rudy Giuliani ayns Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story. Er 20 Boaldyn 1995, ren Woods chloie y Turneyr Coadee Danny Davis ayns Indictment: The McMartin Trial, scannane va jeant da'n çhellveeish as hie magh er ny scaalheaney er HBO. Ayns 2011, ren eh cloie Dick Fuld ayns Too Big to Fail er HBO.[5] Ren e chloie cossyn Aundyr Primetime Emmy, as Aundyr y Screen Actors Guild. Ta enney mie er chammah son e phaart toshee 'sy drama CBS Shark (2006–2008), as e phaartyn cuirreydagh aynss Ray Donovan (2013) liorish Showtime, chammah's e phaartyn goo ayns ny scannaneyn bioghit Hercules (1997), Recess: School's Out (2001), Stuart Little 2 (2002), as Surf's Up (2007) as er son cloie eh hene er episodeyn eigsoylagh jeh ny straihyn çhellveeish Family Guy as The Simpsons.

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