Kathleen Faragher

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Kathleen Faragher
Kathleen Faragher.jpg
Kathleen Faragher, myr ayns Where Curlews Call
Ruggit Kathleen Faragher
Rhumsaa, Mannin
Hooar baase 1974
Glion Shuin, Skyll Maghal, Mannin
Keird Dellal
Ashoonaght Manninagh
Genreyn Bardaght, skeealyn giare, drama

By ard-ughtar Baarle Vanninagh ny 20oo eash veanagh ee Kathleen Faragher (1904 – 1974). T'ee mie er enney son bardaght hie er cur magh 'sy Ramsey Courier, as screeu ee ymmodee skeealyn giarey as dramaghyn. Ta'n obbyr eck currit da bea as pobble Vannin.

Bea[reagh | edit source]

Rug Kathleen Faragher ayns Rhumsaa ayns 1904. She Joseph as Catherine Anne Faragher yn ayr as moir eck, nyn shellooderyn sheshaght-dellal groseyragh er Approach Road.[1] Va tree braaraghyn as shuyr shinney eck. V'ee troggit ayns Rhumsaa, as darraghee ish dys Lunnin mysh 1924 son keird ghellal.[2]

Dobbyr ee ayns Lunnin rish 25 bleeaney, derrey hug anlheiltys ort goll magh dy leah. Hie ee erash dys Mannin ayns Jerrey Souree 1949.[3] Chumm ee ayns Rhumsaa hoshiaght, as scugh ee dys Skyll Maghal. She Glion Shuin y balley s'jerree eck.

Bardaght[reagh | edit source]

Hie kied daan Faragher er cur magh 'sy Ramsey Courier er 14 Jerrey Souree 1949.[4] She 'Blue Point' v'ayn, er ny screeu tra v'ee ayns Kent. Ghow ee yindys dy ghow rish y phabyr eh, ga nagh jagh eh er cur magh derrey haink ee erash da'n Ellan.[3] Nee yn aght screeuee eck caghlaa rish traa as cliaghtey, as myr shen cha ren Faragher cur eh mastey y chied ny'n nah heihys daanyn eck. Hie eh er cur magh reesht 'sy treeoo heihys daanyn, Where Curlews Call, ayns 1959, er ny aascreeu trooid as trooid.

Hug magh ad y nah ghaan ec, 'Maughold Head', ayns Toshiaght Arree 1950, as v'ad cur magh yn obbyr eck dy mennick ny yei shen.[5]

Ayns Mean Fouyir 1950, ren ad cur magh 'A Lament' ayns Baarle Vanninagh.[6] Dennee sleih dy row blass er lheh Vannin er y vardaght eck, as b'oallagh da Sheshaghtyn Manninagh aaloayrt ad cho leah as 1951, marish daanyn Bard Ashoonagh Vannin, T. E. Brown.[7] Ren C. Sydney Marshall screeu kiaull son 'Maughold Head' as 'In Exile', as v'ad ry-gheddyn myr recortys gramafone rish Toshiaght Arree 1960.[8][9][10]

Ren The Ramsey Courier Ltd. cur magh teihys daanyn, Green Hills by the Sea, ayns Toshiaght Arree 1955. Ta'n ennym çheet er yn daan as arrane ard-ghooagh 'Ellan Vannin' liorish Eliza Craven Green. Dooyrt George Bellairs dy ren ny daanyn soilshaghey magh "deep insight into Manx feelings and a nostalgic love of the old folk and ways" v'ec Faragher.[11]

Green Hills By The Sea, kied teihys daanyn Faragher
I love this purple-misted Isle,
This land where I was born.
The gorse-clad hills and bracken tops,
The fields of waving corn.
But best of all I love to hear
The gentle, lilting voice
Of kindly Manx folk greeting me:
It makes my heart rejoice,
To feel once more the friendly hand,
To hear the welcome warm,
To look into each smiling face
And know I have come home.

Hug magh ee lioar elley, This Purple-Misted Isle, ayns Mee Houney was published in October 1957. Ta'n ennym çheet er obbyr T. E. Brown, as ren ee cummal seose y kiangley shoh ayns daan 'The Immortal "Kitty"' ta bentyn rish 'Kitty o' the Sherragh Vane' ass Fo'c's'le Yarns Vrown. Screeu Lhiass-chiannoort Ambrose Flux Dundas y goan foslee. Chreck ee dy mie, ad v'eh orroo y lioar y aachur magh daa cheayrt ayns daa vlein.[12] Ta'n teihys shoh goaill stiagh 'The Homecomer', as blass cowreydagh Baarle Vanninagh Faragher echey:

Where Curlews Call, teihys Chathleen Faragher 1959
"It isn' me dyin' that I min', boy,"
She said as she sat by her bed;
"I'd go peaceful if it wasn' for thinkin'
Ye'll be managin' so maul when I'm dead."
An' Billy sthroked her cheek - so the tale goes -
An' whispered all lovin' an' low,
"Dunt be grievin', Nellie Kate; theer's no need to gel,
To worry about me when yer go!
For theer's the nices' li'l wumman in Laxaa
That I've had me eye on this las' bit;
She'll look after me well, I can tell yer,
So take yer res', Nellie Kate, an' dunt fret!"
My gough! She gorrup from that bed theer
Like an arra shot straight from the bow!
Ay! an' Billy himself was years buried
'Fore herself in the en' had to go!

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Kianglaghyn çheumooie[reagh | edit source]