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Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey ayns 2019
Ennym ruggyree Matthew David McConaughey
Ruggit 4 Mee Houney 1969 (1969-11-04) (54 bleeaney d'eash)
(54 bleeaney d'eash)
Uvalde, Texas, SUA
Ynnyd beaghee Austin (en) Translate
Seyraanaght Steatyn Unnaneysit America
Çhengey Baarle
Keird aghteyr scannane · aghteyr · aghteyr çhellveeish · aghteyr goo · scaa-screeudeyr · gienteyder scannane · gienteyder çhellveeish
Bleeantyn obbree 1991–jiu
Failleyderyn Ollooscoill Texas, Austin
Ynsagh Ollooscoill Texas, Austin
Gorokan High School (en) Translate
Longview High School (en) Translate
Moody College of Communication (en) Translate
Sheshey Camila Alves  (2012 -
Leggad Sandra Bullock (en) Translate
Braaraghyn as shuyraghyn
slane rolley
Credjue Creestiaght
Kianglaghyn fysseree as sheshoil
IMDb nm0000190
Discogs ID 4113483 matthew-mcconaughey
Instagram officiallymcconaughey
Twitter mcconaughey as McConaughey

She aghteyr Americaanagh eh Matthew David McConaughey (ruggit er 4 Sauin 1969). Va'n chied phaart mooar echey lesh cloie co-hassooagh 'sy scannane aittys Dazed and Confused (1993).[1][2][3] Lurg shiartanse dy phaartyn co-hassooagh, va'n chied phaart echey myr yn aghteyr toshee 'sy drama leighoil A Time to Kill (1996). Hie e choorse er oaie lesh paartyn toshee 'sy scannane far-skeealaght sheanse Contact (1997), 'sy drama shendeeagh Amistad (1997), as 'sy scannane caggee U-571 (2000).

Ayns ny 2000yn, haink enney er McConaughey myr eiyrtys er e phaartyn ayns scannaneyn aittys romansagh,[4] lheid as The Wedding Planner (2001), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Failure to Launch (2006), Fool's Gold (2008), as Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), raad v'eh bunnit myr cowrey keintyssagh. Erreish da barney daa vlein voish yn aghteyrys, hoshee McConaughey cloie ayns paartyn ny smoo dramadagh, goaill toshiaght lesh y drama leighoil The Lincoln Lawyer (2011). Hooar eh enney ny s'lheeadagh son e chloiaghyn myr rooishteyder ayns Magic Mike as myr scaipailtagh ayns Mud.[5]

Ren tuarystal McConaughey jeh Ron Woodroof, guilley baa lesh faaishnys-enn SGJF, 'sy scannane beashnyssagh Dallas Buyers Club (2013) cosney da ard-voylley lheeadagh as ram accolaidyn, goaill stiagh Aundyr Academy son yn Aghteyr Share]]. Hie eh er oaie lesh paart co-hassooagh ayns The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), as paart roltageagh myr Rust Cohle 'sy straih chimmeeys True Detective (2014) liorish HBO. Ren ny scannaneyn hie er eiyrtyssagh er geddyn da rah hraghtee as chremeydagh, goaill stiagh Interstellar (2014) as The Gentlemen (2019), chammah as obbyr ghoo ayns Kubo and the Two Strings (2016), as y straih scannane Sing (2016-2021).

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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