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Shiaght ass ny daeed ym-lioaryn jeh'n nah lhieggan jeh The Oxford English Dictionary (1989).

Ta Oxford English Dictionary (OED) çheet er ard-ockleyr shenndeeagh y Vaarle ta soilshit magh liorish Oxford University Press (OUP). T'eh geiyrt er lhiassaghey shenndeeagh y Vaarle, as t'eh kiarail saase ooilley-ghoaillys da scoillaryn as ronseyderyn ard-scoillaragh, chammah as cur sheese er ymmydyn focklyn ayns ram caghlaaghyn er feie ny cruinney.[1]

Hoshee obbyr er yn ockleyr ayns 1857, agh cha row eh er ny hoilshaghey magh agh ayns 1884 tra v'eh currit magh ayns faskuleyn neuchianglt choud's va obbyr goll er oaie fo'n enmys A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles; Founded Mainly on the Materials Collected by The Philological Society. Ayns 1895, va'n enmys The Oxford English Dictionary ymmydit dy neuoikoil da'n chied cheayrt er coodee y straih, as ayns 1928 va'n slane fockleyr aahoilshit magh ayns jeih ym-lioaryn kianglt. Ayns 1933, va'n enmys The Oxford English Dictionary slane currit stiagh ayns ynnyd e çhenn ennym tra v'eh aahoilshit magh ayns 12 ym-lioar as bishaght un ym-lioar. Haink ny smoo bishaghtyn harrish ny bleeantyn derrey 1989, tra va'n nah lhieggan soilshit magh, goaill stiagh 21,728 duillagyn ayns 20 ym-lioaryn.[2] T'ad gobbraghey er y trass lhieggan jeh'n ockleyr veih'n vlein 2000, as ta mysh lieh jeh'n obbyr jeant roish 2018.[2]

Haink y chied lhieggan lectraneagh jeh'n ockleyr magh ayns 1988. Va'n fockleyr currit er-linney cho foddey sheear as y vlein 2000, as roish Averil 2014 va ny smoo na daa villioon dy cheayrtee çheet dys yn ynnyd-eggey dagh mee. T'eh jerkit dy vees y trass lhieggan jeh'n ockleyr ry-gheddyn ayns cummey lectraneagh dy liehlagh; dooyrt AOS yn OUP nagh vel plannyn ayn y fockleyr y chur ayns cummey prentit arragh.[2][3][4]

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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1d lhieggan[reagh | edit source]

Internet Archive
Clou 1888–1933
Slane enmys dagh ym-lioar: A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles: Founded Mainly on the Materials Collected by the Philological Society
Ym-l. Blein Lettyryn Kianglaghyn
1 1888 A, B Ym-l. 1
2 1893 C Ym-l. 2
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4 1901 F, G Ym-l. 4 (lhieggan 2) (lhieggan 3)
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6p2 1908 M, N Ym-l. 6, ayrn 2
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8p2 1914 S–Sh Ym-l. 8, ayrn 2
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9p2 1919 Su–Th Ym-l. 9, ayrn 2
10p1 1926 Ti–U Ym-l. 10, ayrn 1
10p2 1928 V–Z Ym-l. 10, ayrn 2
Sup. 1933 A–Z Bishaght