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(fys jeh'n lhieggan Baarle):

log(.3048) = -0.515985037


{{convert/ft|601|601|||r=re|j=0|d=LoffAonSoff}} gives 1,970 ft


{{Convert}} uses a series of steps to calculate and display output. Ordinarily, the unit subtemplate, like this one, are the second
or fourth step in a transclusion of {{convert}} (counting the main template as the first step). In the above d is set to 
LoffAonSoff which tells the subtemplate that the next step is {{convert/LoffAonSoff}}, a fifth-step subtemplate, so it's acting as
a fourth-step subtemplate. The first unnamed parameter carries the original numerical input. The second carries the numerical value
of the input value after conversion to the SI base unit. j gives the base ten logarithm of the input unit divided by the
SI base unit. r is er for US spelling and re otherwise. This is what the subtemplate is given when you convert from 601 metres.
{{convert|601|m}} gives "601 metres (1,970 ft)". -- Jɪmp 16:10, 31 March 2008 (UTC)

-- Shimmin Beg 16:08, 1 Mart 2009 (UTC)