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Ronney:CS1 maint: unfit URL

Ass Wikipedia.

This hidden tracking category lists pages with CS1 citations that use |url-status=usurped or |url-status=unfit.

The keywords unfit and usurped are intended to identify original URLs that point to live sites that are inappropriate: spam, advertising, porn, etc.

A URL that returns a HTTP 404 error is not considered to be unfit and, in such cases, editors should set |url-status=dead.

CS1 and CS2 templates in pages listed in this category should be checked to ensure that the unfit and usurped keywords are correctly applied.

Only Module:Citation/CS1 should directly add pages to this category.

Pages with this condition are automatically placed in Category:CS1 maint: unfit URL.[a]

Other values[reagh | edit source]

Cooney:CS1 errors

Cooney:CS1 errors
Cite error: <ref> tags exist for a group named "lower-alpha", but no corresponding <references group="lower-alpha"/> tag was found

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