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Ronney:CS1 maint: url-status

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This is a tracking category for CS1 citations that use |url-status= with a valid value when |archive-url= is empty or omitted. While not an error, CS1 and CS2 templates that have |url-status= but not |archive-url= should be repaired.

To repair, if the value is live, either:


  • remove |url-status=.

To repair, if the value is dead, either:


  • remove |url-status= and add {{dead link}} after the citation template.

Otherwise, replace the citation or add |archive-url= and |archive-date=. Pages in this category should be added only by Module:Citation/CS1.

Pages with this condition are automatically placed in Category:CS1 maint: url-status (11 pages).[a]

Cooney:CS1 errors

Cooney:CS1 errors
Cite error: <ref> tags exist for a group named "lower-alpha", but no corresponding <references group="lower-alpha"/> tag was found

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