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The Handmaid's Tale (straih hellveeish)

Ass Wikipedia.
The Handmaid's Tale

Shaanrey doo-skeeal,[1][2] jee-launys
Crootagh Bruce Miller
Bunnit er The Handmaid's Tale
Aghteyryn Elisabeth Moss
Joseph Fiennes
Yvonne Strahovski
Alexis Bledel
Madeline Brewer
Ann Dowd
O-T Fagbenle
Max Minghella
Samira Wiley
Amanda Brugel
Bradley Whitford
Sam Jaeger
Çheer ghooghys Steatyn Unnaneysit America
Çhengey vunneydagh Baarle
Earroo straihyn 5
Earroo episodeyn 56
Ard-ghienteyder Bruce Miller
Warren Littlefield
Reed Morano
Daniel Wilson
Fran Sears
Ilene Chaiken
Elisabeth Moss
Mike Barker
Eric Tuchman
Yahlin Chang
Sheila Hockin
John Weber
Frank Siracusa
Dorothy Fortenberry
Gienteyder Margaret Atwood
Elisabeth Moss
Nina Fiore
Boayl gientyn Ard Toronto Mooar as Hamilton
Washington, D.C.
Traa roie 41–65 minnid
Colught gientyn MGM Television
Rheynneyder Hulu
Scaalheaneyder bunneydagh Hulu
Y chied skeaylley 26 Averil 2017 - jiu

She straih hellveeish yee-launyssagh Americaanagh eh The Handmaid's Tale va crooit ec Bruce Miller as bunnit er y lioar fo'n ennym cheddin voish 1985 liorish yn ughtar Canadagh Margaret Atwood. Va'n straih currit ayns oardagh liorish y çhirveish stroo Hulu myr oardagh jeeragh-gys-straih va jeant ass 10 episode. Hoshee gientyn y straih ayns 2016 jeianagh. Ta'n skeeal goaill stiagh jee-launys lurg aa-chaggey theayagh ayns ny Steatyn Unnaneysit raad ta sheshaght ooilley smaghtagh smaghtaghey mraane troaragh, ta enmyssit "inneenyn meyl" ny Handmaiden, as cur ad ayns slaueaght torraghys.[3]

Hie yn chied tree episode jeh'n straih magh er skeaylley er 26 Averil 2017; hie ny shiaght episode elley magh er skeaylley dagh Jecrean ny yei. Ayns Jerrey Souree 2019, hie yn straih er ny aanoaghey son y chiarroo straih, as hie yn chied episode jeh magh er 27 Averil 2021.[4] Ayns Mean Fouyir 2019, v'eh fogrit magh dy row Hulu as MGM lhiassaghey straih eiyrtyssagh vees bunnit er noaskeeal Atwood voish 2019, The Testaments.[5] Va'n straih aanoit ayns Mee ny Nollick 2020 roish y chied episode jeh'n chiarroo straih.

Chossyn y chied straih jeh The Handmaid's Tale hoght aundyr Emmy ass 13 enmyssaght, goaill stiagh aundyr son y Straih Drama Ard-yindyssagh. T'eh ny chied chlaare liorish Hulu ren cosney aundyr mooar chammah's y chied straih er shirveish stroo ren cosney Emmy son Straihyn Ard-yindyssagh.[6] Chammah's shen, ren eh cosney Aundyr Golden Globe son y Straih Hellveeish Share - Drama. Ren Elisabeth Moss cosney aundyr Primetime Emmy son yn Aghteyr Bwoirrin Toshee Share ayns Straih Drama as aundyr Golden Globe son yn Aghteyr Bwoirrin Share ayns Straih Drama Hellveeish.

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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