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Ulysses (noaskeeal)

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She noaskeeal Baarle liorish y screeudeyr Yernagh James Joyce eh Ulysses. Hie ayrnyn jeh'n noaskeeal er ny hoilshaghey magh ayns straih-skeeal 'syn earishlioar Americaanagh The Little Review veih Mayrnt 1918 derrey Mee ny Nollick 1920, as va'n slane obbyr soilshit magh ayns Paarys liorish Sylvia Beach er 2 Toshiagh Arree 1922, y daeedoo laa ruggyree lesh Joyce. T'eh coontit mastey ny h-obbraghyn smoo scanshoil jeh'n lettyraght noa-emshiragh.[1]

Ta Ulysses recortyssey quaaltyssyn as co-streeughyn Leopold Bloom ayns Divlyn car laa cadjin, 16 Mean Souree 1904.[2][3] She ennym Ladjynit jeh Odysseus t'eh, feniagh y daan mooar Odyssey liorish Homer. Ta'n noaskeeal cur sheese straih dy chosoylaghtyn eddyr y daan as y noaskeeal, lesh co-reggyrtyssyn strughtooragh eddyr ny karacteyryn as taghyrtyn Bloom as Odysseus, Molly Bloom as Penelope, as Stephen Dedalus as Telemachus, cur liorish taghyrtyn as cooishyn y 20oo eash rere y noa-emshiraght, Divlyn, as mooinjerys Nerin rish y Vretyn Vooar. S'faaueagh yn noaskeeal as ta'n prose ayn garrish modyn eashyn eigsoylagh lettyraght y Vaarle.


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  3. Menand, Louis (2 Jerrey Souree 2012). "Silence, exile, punning". The New Yorker. 16 June 1904 is the date of Joyce's first outing with his wife-to-be, Nora Barnacle; they walked to the Dublin suburb of Ringsend, where Nora masturbated him.

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