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Wikipedia:Failt, noanee

Ass Wikipedia.
(Aa-enmyssit ass Wikipedia:Failt ort, noanee)

Failt erriu gys Wikipedia Gaelg Vanninagh. Ta'n Ghaelg foast ayn!

Lhig dooin ooilley co-obbraghey son dy vooadaghey Wikipedia Gaelg. My ta fys erriu er cooish er lheh, failt erriu duillag y screeu, my ta Gaelg vie eu ny dyn.

Son ny smoo fys, jeeagh-shiu er help page (cha nel y lhieggan Gaelg ayn foast) son fys cadjin, ny er yn Laue-lioar aght screeu son fys er reaghey.

Let's all work together to develop the Manx version of Wikipedia. If you have knowledge about a particular area and only speak a little Manx don't be afraid to write a page.

For more information see the help page in the English Wikipedia for general help, or the Laue-lioar aght screeu for editing information (this is the English version).

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New contributors are very welcome. Please look through the Laue-lioar aght screeu and Ynnyd y phobble to get a feel for this wiki.

This is a small wikipedia representing a language that is currently being revived. The needs and practices of this wikipedia are not always the same as for wikipedias of major languages, and it is not always used in the same way. Please check before taking any drastic action.

In particular, please do not delete redirects to pages that don't exist. These have mostly been set up deliberately where Manx has several ways of expressing an idea. At the moment we have no "internal" policy of deleting these links, so please don't delete them for us. Several people have been kindly doing this for us, without realising that we would like to keep them.