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William Pennell

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William Pennell
Ruggit 3 Mayrnt 1889
Macon (en) Translate
Hooar baase 5 Mean Fouyir 1956
Seyraanaght Steatyn Unnaneysit America
Keird arraneyder · aghteyr goo
Bleeantyn obbree 1931–1940
Greieyn goo
Kianglaghyn fysseree as sheshoil
IMDb nm0672080

She aghteyr goo as arraneyder trome-ghooagh Americaanagh va William Pennell (3 Mayrnt 1889 – 5 Mean Fouyir 1956). She lesh va goo bunneydagh y characteyr Bluto ayns ny giare-filmyn bioghit Popeye va gientit ec Fleischer Studios.[1] Ec y traa shen, va Pennell goaill arraneyn ayns kiaraid arraneagh va ymmydit ec Paramount Pictures.[1] Hie Gus Wickie stiagh ayns ynnyd Pennell myr Bluto[1] ayns 1935.

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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