With the Beatles

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With The Beatles
Albym lesh The Beatles
Feayslit 22 Mee Houney, 1963
Sorçh Craa-chiaull
Traa 32 minnid 24 grig
Lipaid Parlophone
Leayreder George Martin
Albymyn elley lesh The Beatles

Ta With The Beatles ny albym liorish y phossan craa-chiaull Sostynagh The Beatles. V'eh nyn nah albym, as haink eh magh ayns Mee Houney 1963. Va hoght jeh ny kiare arraneyn jeig er yn albym screeuit liorish John Lennon as Paul McCartney as va nane liorish George Harrison (e chied arrane).

Claare[reagh | edit source]

Çheu 1[reagh | edit source]

  1. It Won't Be Long
  2. All I've Got to Do
  3. All My Loving
  4. Don't Bother Me (Harrison)
  5. Little Child
  6. Till There Was You (Meredith Willson)
  7. Please Mr. Postman (Dobbin/Garret/Garman/Brianbert)

Çheu 2[reagh | edit source]

  1. Roll Over Beethoven (Berry)
  2. Hold Me Tight
  3. You Really Got a Hold on Me (Robinson)
  4. I Wanna Be Your Man
  5. Devil in Her Heart (Drapkin)
  6. Not a Second Time
  7. Money (That's What I Want) (Bradford/Gordy)

Ta dagh arrane liorish Lennon/McCartney, agh ny fir lesh enmyn ayns lhoobeenyn.

Lught Obbyr[reagh | edit source]