Ass Wikipedia.

    Welcome to my user page. I live in Spain and I work as a web designer.

    My areas of interest in Wikipedia are:

    • Social: The pages of the place where I live (country, region and city).
    • Professional: Web design, software, internet and programming languages.
    • Leisure: Other cooperative projects. I started recently in Wikipedia. But I was in DMOZ, I've been in BOINC for a long time, something in Stackoverflow and I just started in W3DIR.

    Tasks that I usually do:

    • Wikipedia without knowledge or language translator: I only review links, I try to update them and if there is nothing I mark them as broken (if they are important) or I delete them (if they are not relevant or they do not have content). I also dedicate myself to update the software versions.
    • Wikipedia without knowledge but with a language translator: Same as the previous one. But I can also add some official link and solve a case of vandalism.
    • Wikipedia with knowledge of language (Spanish or English): All the above. But I can also make grammatical corrections. And with more experience in the management of Wikipedia could try to add an article.
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