Ymmydeyr:TinucherianBot II

    Ass Wikipedia.
    Crystal Clear action run.png Ta'n coontys ymmydeyr shoh ny robot. T'eh lesh Tinucherian (resooney).

    Cha nel eh ny sock puppet, agh coontys seyr-obbragh (ny lieh-heyr-obbragh) ta ymmydit dys caghlaaghyn çhymshallagh y yannoo.
    Reireyderyn: my vel y robot shoh meenaghey ny jannoo jeeyl, cur lhiettalys er, my sailt. Agh cooinnee dy vel y robot ersooyl veih'n toolserver.

    Function : Interwiki Linking .

    Please contact w:en:User:Tinucherian for any issues.

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