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Cammee bane

She fo-gharmad neu-vuinneelagh da mraane eh cammee. Dy cadjin, t'eh sheeyney sheese gys y vouin. Ta'n cammee jeant seose ass stroll, neelane, ny caddee son y chooid smoo.

Meenaghey shenndeeagh[reagh | edit source]

Dy shenndeeagh, ren y fockle "cammee" cur sheese er jaggadyn jeh'n dagh sorçh,[1] goaill stiagh far-lheinaghyn (ceaut fo dooblag ny bouin),[2] gooynyn eddrymey, as jaggadyn muinneelagh va ceaut liorish fir.[3]

Meenaghey noa-emshyragh[reagh | edit source]

'Sy ghlare noa-emshyragh ta'n fockle cammee çheet er fo-gharmad ven neu-vuinneelagh skeaylt[4][5] ta coodaghey yn ayrn s'yrjey jeh'n cholb, agh ta ny s'girrey na smock. Dy cadjin, ta cammee sheeyney sheese gys y vouin, agh ny keayrtyn t'eh giarrit son dy haishbyney yn skairt, ny sheeynt son dy choodaghey yn slane ard pelvagh. Ta cammeeyn jeant seose ass eaddeeyn eddrymey;[6] ass caddee dy mennick, agh ta fir elley jeant ass stroll ny sheeidey, ny ass eaddeeyn sheeynee lheid as lycra, neelane, ny spandex.

Dy cadjin, ta "yeeallyn spaghetti" ec cammeeyn as foddee ad dy cheau harrish coodagh keeagh ny gyn coodee cheeagh. Veih'n vlein 1989, ta coodee cheeagh fo-strengit sthie-hroggit ry-gheddyn ayns cammeeyn ennagh, ny lesh pohlldey elley ta scryssey magh yn feme er coodee cheeagh dauesyn ta reih coodee cheeagh. Er y gherrid, ta sleih ennagh ceau cammeeyn myr eaddeeyn mooie.[7]

Ta ram fo-gharmadyn cummey colbey neu-vuinneelagh er jeet magh ass cummey yn chammee,[8] as ad cur lesh stiurey meanagh ny keeaghyn, y vouin as/ny y volg. Ta e lheid jeh cammeeyn stiuree ny gharmadyn cummee smoo taghyrtagh, as t'ad coodaghey yn colb veih ny s'yrjey na'n chleeau gys ec ny ny s'inshley na'n vouin. T'ad cosoylagh rish cammeeyn caddee ny sheeidey, agh dy mennick ta ny yeeallyn ny shlea, ta ny çhemmalyn ny s'liurey, as ta'n eaddagh soilsheanagh sheeynee cur lesh loaghtey rea meein.

Jeeagh er neesht[reagh | edit source]

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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