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Hoi! Resooney Cohortyssyn Kishtey Geinnee Post-L


My name is Brian Ó Dálaigh, or Benny Daly (depending on the language I am using at the time of conversation). I am from Ireland and am currently living in Sligo in the north-west of the Republic of Ireland. However, I was born and bred in the townland of Bective in County Meath. I am the holder of a dual honours degree in Business Studies and Russian from Trinity College, Dublin and have recently completed a Higher Certificate course in Computing in the Institute of Technology, Sligo. My interests include, to varying degrees of knowledge, linguistics, minority and regional languages and the issues that concern them (the Celtic languages and the minority languages of the former Soviet Union in particular), as well as politics (though I do not subscribe to any political party as I feel none represent my view), culture, history, geography, political geography, and astronomy.

Hello! She Brian Ó Dálaigh, ny Benny Daly (t'eh croghey er cooish y choloayrtys ta mee jannoo traa cre'n ennym ta mee cur orrym pene). Ta mee my Yernagh as ec y traa t'ayn ta mee cummal ayns Shliggagh ayns sheear hwoaie Phobblaght Nerin. Ansherbee, va mee ruggit as troggit ayns Beigthigh ayns Coontae ny Mee. Ta mee goaill shelloo jeh keim onnoragh ghooblit ayns Studeyryssyn Dellal as Rooshish veih Colaashtey ny Trinaid, Divlyn as ta mee er creaghney studeyryssyn ayns coorse Teisht S'Yrjey ayns Co-earroo 'syn Undinys Çhaghnoaylleeaght, Shliggagh. Ta anaase mooar aym er çhengoaylleeeaght, er çhenaghyn mynlagh as ardjynagh (ny Çhengaghyn Celtiagh as myn-hengaghyn yn Unnaneys Soveidjagh er lheh), er politickaght (ga nagh vel anaase aym er partee politickagh erbee er yn oyr nagh vel ad soilshaghey magh my huarym pene), er cultoor, er shennaghys, er çheer-oaylleeaght, er çheer-oaylleeaght pholitickagh, as er rollageydys.

Agus traslitriú Gaelach leo siúd nach bhfuil an Mhanainnis acu

Heileó! 'S é Brian Ó Dálaigh, no Benny Daly (t'é 'crochadh air cúis a' chomhlobhartas ta mi deanamh trà crè'n ainm ta mi 'cur orm péin). Ta mi 'mo Éirneach a's aig a' trà t'ann ta mi 'coimeail anns Sligeach anns siar thuaidh Phobhlacht Néireann. Ains air bíth, bha mi rugait a's trogait anns Beigthigh anns Contae na Mí. Ta mi 'gobhail seilbh de céim onorach dhúblait anns Stúdarasan Deighleail a's Rúisis bhaidh Colàiste na Trionàid, Duibhlinn a's ta mi air críochnadh stúdarasan anns cúrs Téist is Airde anns Comh-àireamh san Undanas Teachneolaíocht, Sligeach. Ta anàs múr agham air teangeolaíocht, air teangachan mionlach a's airdeanach (na Teangachan Ceilteach a's mion-theangachan an Unaonas Sóibhéideach air leith), air polaiteacacht (ga nach bhfeil anàs agham air partaí polaiteacach air bíth air an óir nach bhfeil ad 'soilseachadh 'mach mo thuaram péin), air cultúr, air seinneachas, air tíreolaíocht, air tíreolaíocht pholaiteacach, a's air rolàgadas.

My hengaghyn

I am a native speaker of English. When I was growing up I was also exposed to large amounts of Irish through relatives of mine living in Ráth Cairn. However, due to lack of usage my level of Irish declined, but I am happy to say that I am now using this beautiful language with a renewed vigour. I also studied French in school for a period of five years, but again, I'm sad to say that through lack of practice my level of French has deteriorated to such an extent that I can now read French and understand large amounts of the spoken language, but am no longer able to speak it (beyond a couple of sentences) or read it. I studied Russian in university and lived in Russia for a year and am happy to say that my standard of Russian is quite high. In the meantime I also studied bits of Finnish, Scots Gaelic, Cornish, and several other European languages to varying degrees of success. I started studied Manx in January 2008, and have since developed a great love and passion for the language. I am in regular contact with Brian Stowell and have spoken to Adrian Cain (Yn Greinneyder) on a number of occasions, and have been active in the Celtic Congress for the past three years. I am also a regular editor and contributor to the Manx language wikipedia where I am also the administrator.

Ta mee my Vaarleyr dooghyssagh. Tra va mee er troggal va mee cruinnit liorish ram Yernisheyryn trooid deiney mooinjerey ta cummal ayns Ráth Cairn. Agh, er oyr y vee-ymmyd j'ee, huitt tushtey yn Yernish aym. Agh ta maynrys aym dy ghra dy vel y çhengey aalin shen er ymmyd aym reesht lesh bree aanoaghit. Ren mee studeyrys er y Rangish 'sy scoill er feie queig bleeaney, agh reesht, er oyr y vee-ymmyd j'ee, ta my Rangish er ny tuittym dys drogh-cheim as nish ta mee jargal toiggal y Rangish screeuit as cooid vooar jeh'n Rangish loayrit, agh cha nel mee jargal ee dy loayrt (harrish abbyrtyn ennagh) ny dy screeu. Ren mee studeyrys er y Rooshish 'syn ollooscoil as cheau mee blein 'sy Roosh, as ta mee moyrnagh dy ghra dy vel keim ard j'ee aym. 'Sy traa cheddin, va mee er n'ynsaghey cooid jeh'n Finnlynnish, jeh'n Ghaelg Albinagh, jeh'n Chornish, as jeh çhengaghyn Celtiagh ennagh elley, as speeideilys anchasley aym orroo. Ayns Mee Yerrey Geuree 2008, hoshee mee gynsaghey yn Ghaelg, as nish ta graih as finnue aym urree. Ta mee cur fys er Brian Stowell dy mennick as ta mee er chur fys er Adrian Cain (Yn Greinneyder) keayrtyn. Ta mee goaill paart 'sy Chohaglym Cheltiagh 'sy tree vlein caie. Myrane lesh shen, ta mee my reagheyder as my screeuder da Wikipedia ny Gaelgey raad ta mee my reireyder chammah.

Agus arís, traslitriú Gaelach leo siúd nach bhfuil an Mhanainnis acu

Ta mi 'mo Bhéarlair dúchasach. Tra bha mi air trogail bha mi cruinnit lioruis ram Éirniseirean trúid daoine muindire ta 'coimeail anns Ráth Cairn. Ach, air óir a' mhí-iomad dí, thuit tuiste an Éirnis agham. Ach ta mànras agham do 'ghrà do bhfeil a' teanga àlainn sin air iomad agham rithist leis brí athnoachait. Rinn mi stúdaras air a' Fhraingis sa scoil air féidh cúig bliana, ach rithist, air óir a' mhí-iomad dí, ta mo Fhraingis air na tuitteam dus droch-chéim a's nithis ta mi deargal tuigeal a' Fhraingis scriubhait a's cuid mhúr de'n Fhraingis lobhrait, ach chan fheil mi deargal í do lobhart (thairis abhartan eineach) no do scriubh. Rinn mi stúdaras air a' Rúisis san ollamhscoil a's cheamh mi bliain sa Rúis, a's ta mi mórnach do 'ghrà do bhfeil céim ard dí agham. Sa trà cheadan, bha mi air na ionsachadh cuid de'n Fhionnlainnis, de'n Ghaelg Albanach, de'n Chórnais, a's de teangachan Ceilteach eineach eile, a's spíodaolas anchasladh agham orú. Anns Mí Dheireadh Geimhridh 2008, thoisigh mi 'g ionsachadh an Ghaeilg, a's nithis ta gràidh a's finneamh agham uiri. Ta mi 'cur fios air Brian Stowell do meinic a's ta mi air chur fios air Adrian Cain (An Gréineadair) céartan. Ta mi 'gobhail pàrt sa Chomhtheaglam Ceilteach sa trí bhliain caidh. Maraon leis sin, ta mi 'mo raoicheadair a's 'mo scriubhdair do Wikipedia na Gaeilge rathad ta mi 'mo riaradair chomh maith.

M'ennym screeuit / My signature

Mac Tíre Cowag

My username, Mac Tíre, is the Irish for wolf, nothing to do with any traits of mine, physical or otherwise. Simply put, I count the wolf as one of my favourite animals which has regrettably been eradicated from Ireland. Mac Tíre is also the Irish for "son of the land" or "son of the country" - an indication to my love of things related to the Irish language, history, culture, etc. The colour green is again indicative of that love, as well as the colour of my political leaning - Green for Green politics. The word cowag is Manx for "chin wag", "chat", "skeet", "conversation", etc. and I used it to show my love for that language. The red here stands for the Isle of Man, a tiny island in the Irish Sea for which I have developed a strong graih ("love").

Ennym Yernish da'n voddey oaldey eh Mac Tíre ("Mac Çheerey"), agh cha nel eh cur sheese er tro ennagh orrym, cha nee er tro fishigagh ny er tro erbee elley. Dy bunneydagh, ta mee coontey yn moddey oaldey myr fer jeh cretooryn y theihll smoo foayrit aym agh s'arryssagh nagh vel eh foast ry-akin ayns Nerin. Ta Mac Tíre shassoo son "mac yn thallooin" ny "mac ny çheerey" - cowrey er yn ghraih t'aym bentyn rish y Yernish, as shennaghys as cultoor Nerin, a.r.e. Ta'n daah geayney shassoo da'n ghraih shen, myrane lesh my cohassoo politickagh - Geayney er son politig ny Glassey. Ta'n fockle "cowag" ny fockle Gaelgagh ta shassoo da "coloayrtys ny taggloo neuformoil" as ta mee jannoo ymmyd jeh dy haishbyney yn ghraih aym da'n Ghaelg. Ta'n daah jiarg shassoo son Mannin, ellan beg ayns Mooir Vannin as graih vooar aym urree.

My hurryssyn

Cheau mee traa ennagh ayns ny çheeraghyn shoh:

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