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Caslys-çheer jeh'n teihll.

She studeyrys er y teihll as ny çheeraghyn, troyn, cummaltee as obbraghyn eck ee çheer-oaylleeaght[1].

Giare-choontey[reagh | edit source]

Ta daa vanglane mooar ec çheer-oaylleeaght: çheer-oaylleeaght deiney as çheer-oaylleeaght fishigagh. Cha nel ee y red cheddin as kaartgraafeeaght. Ga dy row fys er kaartgraafeeaght ec çheeroayllee dy cadjin, cha nee shen yn ard-obbyr oc. Ta çheeroayllee jannoo studeyrys er obbraghyn, phenomena as troyn y teihll, chammah's eddyr-obbraghey deiney as y çhymbyllaght najooragh.[2] T'eh bentyn rish cooishyn myr slaynt, speyr, lossreeyn, beiyn, eggoaylleeaght as fishag; myr shen, she oaylleeaght eddyr-vagheragh t'ayn.

mere names of places...are not geography... know by heart a whole gazetteer full of them would not, in itself, constitute anyone a geographer. Geography has higher aims than this: it seeks to classify phenomena (alike of the natural and of the political world, in so far as it treats of the latter), to compare, to generalize, to ascend from effects to causes, and, in doing so, to trace out the great laws of nature and to mark their influences upon man. This is 'a description of the world' - that is Geography. In a word Geography is a Science - a thing not of mere names but of argument and reason, of cause and effect.

T'ad eddyrscarrey çheer-oaylleeaght ayns daa vagher: çheer-oaylleeaght deiney as çheer-oaylleeaght nheeoil. Ta çheer-oaylleeaght deiney cur tastey da'n çhymbyllaght laue-jeant: ny haghtyn ta deiney croo, toiggal as reaghey reamys, chammah's eiyrtys deiney er y çhymbyllaght. Ta çheer-oaylleeaght nheeoil scrutaghey y çhymbyllaght najooragh, as ny haghtyn ta lossreeyn, bea, thalloo, ushtey as mooar-rheynnyn eddyr-obbraghey as goll er croo.[4].

Imraaghyn[reagh | edit source]

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