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Clowan:Kishtey fys asslaynt

Ass Wikipedia.
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Use this template freely for any medical condition that has an ICD code, OMIM entry, MeshID, GeneReviews ID, or other source that you think readers will benefit from seeing. Its use is not limited strictly to diseases.

The template does not at the current time include summary information about the condition itself. Instead, it contains a consistent interface to other sources that provide information about the condition. Don't worry about trying to fill in all the fields -- even if you can only get one or two, that still can be useful.

While editing a condition, copy and paste the following text at the top of the page:

Kishtey fys asslaynt
Rang-oardraghey as cooid çheumooie
ICD-10 GroupMajor.minor
ICD-9 xxx
{{kishtey fys asslaynt
| ennym = {{PAGENAME}}
| jalloo = 
| teks = 
| fo-heidyl = 
| DiseasesDB = 
| ICD10 = {{ICD10|Group|Major|minor|LinkGroup|LinkMajor}}
| ICD9 = {{ICD9|xxx}}
| ICDO = 
| OMIM = 
| MedlinePlus = 
| eMedicineSubj = 
| eMedicineTopic = 
| MeshID = 
| GeneReviewsID = 
| GeneReviewsName =