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Ymmyd[edit source]

Ta'n clowan shoh ayn dys cur sampleyryn dy choad bunneydagh parameter clowan. Ta feme echey er paramater ny ghaa:

  • ennym (foddee eh ve follym, agh shegin da ve ayn)
  • cooid y chied pharameter hampleyragh (reihyssagh)

Examples[edit source]

  1.   {{para|name}}
    renders as
  2.   {{para|title|<var>book title</var>}}
    renders as
    |title=book title
  3.   {{para| |section}}
    renders as
    (for unnamed parameters in the example code; note the empty first parameter in the {{para}} template)
  4.   {{para|<var>parameter</var>|<var>value</var>}}
    renders as

When using literal, pre-specified values, simply provide the value (appearance as in example 3). When illustrating hypothetical, variable or user-definable values, use <var>value</var> (appearance as in example 2), and the same should be done for non-literal, example parameters (as in example 4).

Jeeagh er reesht[edit source]

  • Template:Tlx – for providing examples of entire-template code with included parameters