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The {{template category}} template should be placed at the top of categories that contain only template pages and their related subcategories.

Usage[edit source]

Full syntax[edit source]

{{template category |type= |topic= |description= |portal= |help= }}

Parameters[edit source]

The following parameters that are all optional, may also be used:

Adds a note as to which type of template the category (but not necessarily its subcategories) is meant to contain, e.g.
{{template category |type=navbox}}
Currently, setting type to one of eleven values produces a preset note. The values are:
ambox · campaignbox · conversion · external link · formatting
function · infobox · meta · navbox · stub · timeline · userbox
If type is set to something other than one of these values, the default message "The pages listed in this category are meant be type templates." appears.
Adds the default description "Templates relating to topic.", where topic is usually a wikilink to the main article associated with the category (e.g. United States for the category United States templates). See Example 1 below.
Use this if a customised description is needed instead of (or, if topic also used, to follow) the default description above. See Example 2 below.
Adds a {{portal}}-style link to the right of any topic and/or description text. See Example 3 below
Use this to provide customised instructions rather than the default explanation as to how to add a template to the category.

Examples[edit source]

Example 1[edit source]

{{template category
|type  = navbox
|topic = the [[United States]]

Example 2[edit source]

{{template category
|type  = navbox
|topic = [[China]]
|description = <br/><small>For templates relating specifically to the [[People's Republic of China|People's Republic of China (PRC)]] or the current [[Republic of China|Republic of China (ROC, "Taiwan")]], see, respectively, {{c|People's Republic of China templates}} and {{c|Republic of China (Taiwan) templates}}.</small>

Example 3[edit source]

{{template category
|description = Here's a ''description'' without a preceding ''topic'' statement.
|portal = United States

Example 4[edit source]

{{template category
|type = external link
|description = '''Templates aiding the creation and formatting of external links to [[topic]] databases.'''

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