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Fine Goal

Co-ordnaidyn: 53°27′35″N 6°13′05″W / 53.4597°N 6.2181°W / 53.4597; -6.2181
Ass Wikipedia.
(Aa-enmyssit ass Coontae 'ine Goal)

53°27′35″N 6°13′05″W / 53.4597°N 6.2181°W / 53.4597; -6.2181

Coontae ‘ine Goal
County of Fingal
Contae Fhine Gall
Armys ‘ine Goal
Jarroo-raa: Flúirse Talaimh is Mara
Coontae ‘ine Goal er caslys-çheerey
Coontae ‘ine Goal er caslys-çheerey
Queiggey: Queiggey Lion
Parlamaid ny h-Oarpey: Divlyn
Balley coontae: Sord Cholm Cille
Coad: D
Eaghtyr: 448.07 km²
Earroo yn phobble (2006) 239,813
Ynnyd-eggey: www.fingal.ie

She coontae ayns Pobblaght Nerin ee Fine Goal ny Coontae 'ine Goal (Contae Fhine Gall ayns Yernish, as County of Fingal ayns Baarle). Ta'n coontae soit ayns Lion, nane jeh ny queiggyn Yernagh. She Sord Cholm Cille y preeu-valley.