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Termeeaght, replaced: countee → coontae (3), chountee → choontae, [Coontae|coontae] → [coontae] using AWB
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m (Termeeaght, replaced: countee → coontae (3), chountee → choontae, [Coontae|coontae] → [coontae] using AWB)
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She [[Coontae|counteecoontae]] ayns [[Pobblaght Nerin]] ee '''Keeill Mantan''' ny '''Coontae Cheeill Mantan'''. Ta'n counteecoontae soit ayns [[Lion]]. She [[Keeill Mantan]] y [[preeu-valley]].
== Çheer-oaylleeaght ==
[[Coadan:Sally Gap R115-R759.JPG|250px|left|thumb|Bearna Bhealach Sailearnáin]]
Ta'n counteecoontae çhemmit liorish coondaeghyn [[Coontae Ghivlyn|Ghivlyn]] da'n twoaie, [[Coontae Cheeill Darey|Cheeill Darey]] da'n sheear, [[Coontae Cheatharlach|Cheatharlach]] da'n sheear yiass as [[Coontae Logh Garman|Logh Garman]] da'n jiass. Ta [[Sleityn Cheeill Mantan]] soit 'sy chounteechoontae as she [[Log na Coille]] yn slieau syrjey (925m).
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