Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten Dunst

Dunst ayns Feailley Scannane Cannes, 2016
Ennym ruggyree Kirsten Caroline Dunst
Ruggit 30 Averil 1982 (1982-04-30) (42 bleeaney d'eash)
(42 bleeaney d'eash)
Point Pleasant, New Jersey, SUA
Ynnyd beaghee Los Angeles
Ashoonaght Americaanagh
Seyraanaght Steatyn Unnaneysit America
y Ghermaan
Çhengey Baarle · Germaanish
Keird aghteyr · aghteyr scannane · aghteyr goo · craishteyder · arraneyder · aghteyr çhellveeish · stiureyder scannane · scaa-screeudeyr · gienteyder scannane
Bleeantyn obbree 1988 - jiu
Greieyn goo
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Jake Gyllenhaal
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Partee politickagh Partee Deynlagh
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Credjue Lutheraght
Kianglaghyn fysseree as sheshoil
IMDb nm0000379
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She aghteyr as craishteyder Americaanagh ee Kirsten Caroline Dunst. Rug ee ayns Point Pleasant, New Jersey, ny Steatyn Unnaneysit er 30 Averil, 1982. Ta enney share urree myr e paartyn ayns ny scannaneyn Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, The Virgin Suicides as Marie Antoinette.

Rolley Scannaneyn[reagh | edit source]

Blein Scannane Paart Noteyn
1989 New York Stories Lisa's daughter
1990 The Bonfire of the Vanities Campbell McCoy
1993 Star Trek:The Next Generation Hedril Episode: Dark Page
1994 Little Women Younger Amy March
Interview with the Vampire Claudia
Greedy Jolene
High Strung Young Girl Scannane seyr
1995 Jumanji Judy Shepherd
1996 Mother Night Young Resi Noth
1997 Wag the Dog Tracy Limes
Anastasia Young Anastasia Coraa
Tower of Terror Anna Petterson
True Heart Bonnie
Kiki's Delivery Service Kiki Coraa
1998 Fifteen and Pregnant Tina Spangler Scannane hellveeish
The Hairy Bird Verena von Stefan
Small Soldiers Christy Fimple
1999 Dick Betsy Jobs
Drop Dead Gorgeous Amber Atkins
The Virgin Suicides Lux Lisbon
The Devil's Arithmetic Hannah Stern Scannane hellveeish
2000 Deeply Silly
Bring It On Torrance Shipman
Luckytown Lidda Doyles
The Crow: Salvation Erin Randall
All Forgotten Zinaida
2001 The Cat's Meow Marion Davies
Crazy/Beautiful Nicole Oakley
Get Over It Kelly Woods/Helena
2002 Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
2003 Mona Lisa Smile Betty Warren
Kaena: The Prophecy Kaena Coraa
Levity Sofia Mellinger
2004 Wimbledon Lizzie Bradbury
Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Watson
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Mary Svevo
2005 Elizabethtown Claire Colburn
2006 Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette
2007 Spider-Man 3 Mary Jane Watson
2008 How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Alison Olsen heear-yeeillaght
2009 All Good Things gyn yss nagh vel creaghnit
Sweet Relief Marla Ruzicka fogrit

Kianglaghyn çheumooie[reagh | edit source]