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The Tower (lioar)

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Va The Tower (Gaelg: Y Toor) ny lioar dy ghaanyn liorish William Butler Yeats va soilshit magh 'sy vlein 1928. Ta enmys y lioar, ta çheet magh ass ennym y nah daan, cur sheese er Caisleán Thúr Bhaile Uí Laoigh va kionnit ec Yeats as raad v'eh lesh y lught thie echey cummal er feie tammylt. Ta'n lioar goaill stiagh shiartanse dy ny daanyn smoo ennoil ec Yeats, goaill stiagh Sailing to Byzantium, Leda and the Swan, as Among School Children.

Cummal y lioar[reagh | edit source]

Sailing to Byzantium
The Tower
Meditations in Time of Civil War
Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen
The Wheel
Youth and Age
The New Faces
A Prayer for My Son
Two Songs from a Play
Leda and the Swan
On a Picture of a Black Centaur liorish Edmund Dulac
Among School Children
Colonus' Praise
The Fool by the Roadside
Owen Aherne and His Dancers
A Man Young and Old
The Three Monuments
All Souls' Night

Kiangley mooie[reagh | edit source]