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Shoh tashtlann da resoonaght roie-2011 er termeeaght.

Astronomy[edit source]

Chemistry[edit source]

Ta mee er nyannoo eab er y 'Periodic Table', as ta'n eab ry-akin er my ghuillag hene. Cha nel mee shickyr mychione ennym y red as kuse dy termeeyn elley, myr shen, jeeagh-shiu er as cur barelyn dou, my sailliu. -- Shimmin Beg 22:55, 21 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)

Shoh my smooinaghtyn fo'n voayrd.
Possan boayrd elmintyn:
14 - Carbon group - Possan carboanagh
15 - Nitrogen group - Possan neetragienagh
17 - Halogen - Possan hallageenagh
18 - Noble gas - Gas ooasle ny Gas taaue - Ta'n gas shoh enmyssit ayns çhengaghyn elley myr inert gas, t'eh shen gas taaue, agh ayns Bretnish t'eh er enney myr nwyon nobl ny, ayns Gaelg, gas nobl.
Elmintyn - ta ny h-elmintyn shoh heese ry-gheddyn ayn shoh:
Neon - neion
Iodine - eeadeen
Silver - argid (elmint) foddee argid elmint as argid lhied as punt, dollar, ruble, lira...
Chromium - cromium
Zirconium - shirconium
Strontium - stroinçhum
Radium - raadjum
Seaborgium - seeborgium*
Rg - Roentgenium - roentgenium
Lanthanum - lantanum
Thorium - thorium
Er son ny h-elmintyn unun- ta ny h-enmyssyn shoh heese crooit aym, agh cha nel mee shickyr foue:
  • Oonoonbium
  • Oonoonhecsium
  • Oonoonoctium
  • Oonoonpençhum
  • Oonoonquadjum
  • Oonoontrium
Myrane as ny h-elmintyn unun-, cha nel mee shickyr foue:
Lanthanoids - Lantaneedaghyn, ny Lantanoidyn (jeeagh er metalloid = meainoid, prismoid = prismoid, solenoid = solanoid)
Actinoid - Aghtineedaghyn, ny Aghtinoidyn
  • Cha nel seaborgium ry-gheddyn 'syn 'ockleyr CnyG. Foddee seeborgium (focklit magh myr y lhiaggan Baarlagh) ny seaborgium (y lhiaggan Baarlagh).
Kiart, ta mish er dy aayannoo rere ny eieyn shoh (t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel kuse dy marranyssyn 'sy fockleyr Tshwane - va mee goaill yindys nagh row -t ec jerrey kuse dy h-enmyn...). Cha nel mee shickyr foast mychione "çhiassid as çhennar cadjin", "elmint bunneydagh" ny "elmint laue-jeant", ny "emshir" as "emshiragh" noadyr. Cre er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg
Ren Dmitry Medvedev y "Periodical Table of the Elements" 'sy vlein 1869. As eh screeu sheese ny h-elmintyn, v'eh cowraghey magh dy vel beoynyn aafilltagh ayns troyn nyn elmintyn. T'eh shen, ta cur sheese er troyn nyn elmintyn çhymshallagh. Lesh shen, shegin doue soiaghey jeh'n 'ockle 'syn 'ockleyr Tshwane - Taabyl Çhymcheayrtagh ny Elmintyn ny Taabyl Çhymcheayrtagh nyn Elmintyn. Cha nel mee shickyr lesh "emshir" ny "emshiragh". Foddee "keayrt" ny "çhymcheayrt" er son "emshir" as "çhymcheayrtagh" er son "emshiragh". Son "çhiassid as çhennar cadjin", foddee "çhiassid as çhionnid cadjin". --MacTire02 11:47, 24 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)
Ta mee coardail rish shen, as t'eh caghlaait aym nish. My t'eh mie dy liooar er lhiat, nee'm feer ghuillag jeh. -- Shimmin Beg 21:11, 24 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)
T'eh mie dy liooar er lhiam. --MacTire02 21:55, 24 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)
Kiart, t'eh ayn nish ayns cummaghyn feer ghuillag as clowan chammah. -- Shimmin Beg 07:53, 25 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)
Ta "taabyl çhymcheayrtagh ny bunstooghyn" ayn myr termeeaght Tshwane nish. Ta'n art ayns shen hannah -- Shimmin Beg 17:14, 13 Boaldyn 2011 (UTC)

Ta mee cur roish ocsjee son redox (reduction-oxidation) rere ocsdí Yernish as ocsaidaghey & jee-ocseedaghey (cre bun y lettraghey?) Tshwane. -- Shimmin Beg 17:07, 6 Mean Fouyir 2009 (UTC)

Bea-chemmig[edit source]

  • Nastey co-ioosagh - covalent bond (rere Yernish nasc comhfhiúsach)
  • Nastey daa-phoullagh - bipolar bond
  • Nastey eeaneagh - ionic bond
  • Nastey peptide - peptide bond
  • Keim bree - energy level
  • Ard-hroggalys kemmigagh - chemical complex
  • Yl-pheptide - polypeptide
  • Yl-saccharide - polysaccharide
  • Macro-chovreneen - macromolecule (foddee, "Macro-chovreneen"?)
  • Freggyrt jeenagh - immune response
  • Çhymshal killagagh - cell cycle

Linguistics[edit source]

Ta mee er nyannoo Template:Diagram breeocklyn yn ASE nish, agh cha nel mee slane maynrey bentyn rish meanagh as yn ghaa vun t'echey. Vel eie share ec peiagh ennagh? -- Shimmin Beg 17:21, 23 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

Foddee laaragh? Agh cha nel mee houyr lesh yn 'ockle shen noadyr. --MacTire02 09:32, 25 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
Beggan quaagh, fys aym, agh cre mysh eddyr? -- Shimmin Beg 12:16, 25 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
Cha nel eh quaagh! Ayns Britaanish she vogalenn etre ny breeockle eddyr, fockle er fockle. --MacTire02 13:32, 25 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
T'eh caghlaait aym nish rere shen. -- Shimmin Beg 18:57, 26 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
Ta Template:Corocklyn jeant aym nish, as by vie lhiam dty varel er ny focklyn ren mee ymmyd jeh, my vel y traa ayd. -- Shimmin Beg 20:45, 26 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
Ta mee coardail rish termeeaght y chlowan, Shimmin. Obbyr mie jeant ayd. Shegin dou my chooid duillagyn dy chaghlaa nish. Gura mie ayd! --MacTire02 12:06, 27 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
I've added a considerable number of terms, mostly related to linguistics in general, since I'm already using these and it will help me stay consistent. As always, any improvements would be welcome. One useful addition would be separate terms for phrase vs. sentence - I'm already using abbyrt as dialect and can't find any other terms that look suitable. -- Shimmin Beg 10:23, 29 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

Tricky point of terminology[edit source]

I'm hoping here that someone can enlighten me on the situation in other Gaelic languages. In terms of academic fields, do they distinguish between the -"eolaíocht" form, i.e. the academic study, and the subject matter? For example, in English 'phonology' (sheeanchoryssaghtys) refers to the sound system of a language, and also the study of such systems; 'morphology' refers to both the structures within words and the study of these. To me, it feels strange using, say, jalloo-oaylleeaght Ghaelg as the morphology of Manx in this way, rather than having a separate word, but it may be just be me. Shimmin Beg 21:43, 20 Jerrey Fouyir 2008 (UTC)

In Irish we would say moirfeolaíocht ny Gaeilge for morphology of Irish. To me jalloo-oaylleeaght ny Gaelgey sounds right. But, like yourself, this seems right to me, but not necessarily to everyone. --MacTire02 17:48, 21 Jerrey Fouyir 2008 (UTC)
In that case, I see no reason for me to invent extra words. Jalloo-oaylleeaght ny Gaelgey it is.Shimmin Beg 17:36, 16 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Standard language[edit source]

Regarding standard language, according to standard Manx is translated as Yn Ghaelg Chadjinit, standard time as traa cadjinit. Therefore should standard language not be realised as çhengey chadjinit? Just a thought! :) --MacTire02 10:30, 29 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

Yes, absolutely it should. I'm really not sure which way to go on this. My concern - which isn't really a problem for Standard Manx - was that cadjin and cadjinit also mean general, common, lowbrow, vulgar etc. - the "common speech" of the people. For some languages, such as English, it seemed misleading to me - Standard English is pretty much the opposite - so there'd be difficulty distinguishing between, say, Standard English (Baarle chadjinit?) and ordinary, everyday colloquial English (Baarle chadjin?). In some cases the standard form of the language is quite restricted in use, and even more 'elevated' than Standard English is (e.g. Arabic). What do you think? -- Shimmin Beg 14:14, 29 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
I think maybe this one should be for someone with more authority on the subject. You have me stumped with that one. Cadjinit is a little too misleading. Hmm! --MacTire02 16:14, 29 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
Update: I'm using cadjin unless/until another term is introduced. -- Shimmin Beg 08:49, 29 Boaldyn 2009 (UTC)
Update: Ta Yn Ghaelg chadjinit ec Tshwane nish er son “Standard Manx”. Nee’m ny h-artyn ass y noa. -- Shimmin Beg 21:57, 14 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)

Grammeydys/Grammar[edit source]

For technical grammar, I've been using these terms:

  • unnaneagh - singular (Tsh)
  • daagh - "dual" forms (parallel to "singular" and "plural")
  • seyr - independent (Tsh)
  • rang - classification (like noun classes in Chinese or Kiswahili)
  • emshir - tense (Tsh)
    • emshir chaie - any past tense (Tsh) = Va mee, honnick mee
      • pretereitagh - specifically the preterite/simple past (Tsh) = Honnick mee
      • emshir chaie chliaghtagh - past habitual = Va mee cliaghtey
      • emshir chaie chreaghnit - past perfect = Va mee er vakin
    • emshire laaragh - present tense (Tsh) = Ta mee
    • emshir ry-heet - future tense = Vaikym
    • kianglagh - conditional tense
  • grooish - aspect (Tsh, in another sense)
    • cliaghtagh - habitual aspect
    • immeeeaght - progressive aspect
    • creaghnit/cooilleenit - perfect aspect (Tsh)
  • keintys - gender (Tsh)
  • taah-ockle - adposition (rere Yernish táthmhír, "taah-veer" for "affix")
    • roie-ockle - preposition
    • eear-ockle - postposition (Y. iarfhocal)
  • crogheydys - affix (Tsh; Y. táthmhír, taah-veer)
    • meer yerree - suffix (Tsh)
    • meer roie - prefix (the Tshwane is roie-ockle, but this also means "preposition")
  • breneen - particle (Tsh, in another sense)
  • neuphersoonagh - impersonal (Tsh)
  • breear neuchaghlaaee - intransitive verb (Tsh)
  • breear aistragh - transitive verb (Tsh)
  • breear coonee - auxiliary verb (Tsh)
  • obballagh - negative (Tsh)
  • jarrooagh - affirmative (Tsh)
  • feyshtagh - interrogative (Tsh)
  • ? - negative interrogative forms like "Nagh vel...?" - I don't know an English term for these either
  • fwee - voice (Tsh)
    • fwee jantagh - active voice (Tsh)
    • fwee surransagh - passive voice (noa)
    • fwee eddyr - middle voice (noa)
    • fwee noi-hurransagh - antipassive voice (noa)
  • kione - "object" of a transitive verb (often "O" in linguistics) (Tsh)
  • cass - "subject" of a transitive verb (often "A" in linguistics) (Tsh)
  • commagh - argument of an intransitive verb (often "S" in linguistics) (noa)
  • jantagh - agent (role) in thematic relations (noa)
  • surransagh - patient (role) in thematic relations (noa)

Requests[edit source]

I can't find a suitable term for "case" in the grammatical sense. Irish is "tuiseal" and doesn't seem to have a Manx equivalent. For now I'm going with "case" (which does exist in Manx, although apparently not in the same sense). Cre er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg 21:47, 11 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Eieyn noa Boaldyn 2009[edit source]

  • Macro-hengey - macrolanguage

--Shimmin Beg 08:49, 29 Boaldyn 2009 (UTC)

  • Thassaneagh - 'murmured' / 'breathy voice' pronunciation

-- Shimmin Beg 13:56, 9 Mean Souree 2009 (UTC)

Eiyn noa Toshiaght Arree 2010[edit source]

  • çhengey scarreydagh = analytic/isolating language
  • çhengey cho-haahagh = synthetic language
    • çhengey ghleiynagh = agglutinative language
    • çhengey co-lheieagh = fusional language
  • çhengey toanagh = tonal language

--Shimmin Beg 17:35, 23 Toshiaght Arree 2010 (UTC)

  • parail = diminution (gram.)
  • mooadys = augmentation (gram.)
  • craplaghey = vowel reduction (er lhiam dy beagh "leodaghey" cur er reddyn ve fud y cheilley)

-- Shimmin Beg 09:41, 16 Mart 2010 (UTC)

  • raa = clause
  • fo-raa = subordinate clause

Screeu[edit source]

  • co-screeuagh = homograph(ic) (rere co-heean, agh eddyr-scarrey veih co-screeu as co-screeuyn)
Updates[edit source]

Tshwane Jan 09:

  • Voiced - coraagh
  • Voiceless - gyn coraa
agh cha nel ad er ngra dy vel y keeall çhengoaylleeagh oc. Ta mee son freayll adsyn t'ain hannah derrey vees fys share ain.
  • Uvular - bentyn rish y çhengey veg
ny smoo kiart na scoarnagh, agh lheibeidjagh. Reesht, ta mee son freayll y fer t'ain. Ny yei shen, oddagh shin caghlaa dys çhengey-veg, m.s. corockle cronnaneagh çhengey-veg. Ta marenmyn elley myr shen 'sy Ghaelg, myr sampleyr, cass-liauyr ny kione-ard. Agh cha olk lhiam scoarnagh noadyr.
  • Universality (noun equivalent of universal) - co-chadjinaght
Myr shen, oddagh shin caghlaa co-hro ghlare dys co-chadjinaght ghlare. S'cummey lhiam eh.
  • Hyper - ro-. Lhisagh hypercorrect ve ro-chiartaghey. My loght hene.

-- Shimmin Beg 20:28, 8 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Technology[edit source]

(CAGHLAAIT) Ta shimmey fockle ry-akin er y PDF shoh: News at as jeeagh er Computer Terminology-- Shimmin Beg 15:34, 27 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC) --Shimmin Beg 09:04, 28 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

Cha nel y kiangley shoh gobbraghey, dy meeaighar. --MacTire02 09:00, 28 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

I don't know of a word for "artificial intelligence", and have used "far-inçhynaght" in the article çhengoaylleeaght co-earrooagh. If anyone knows of another term, please correct me. -- Shimmin Beg 22:08, 1 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)

Well gives the following uses of artificial - artificial flower = far-vlaa; artificial leaf = far-ghuillag; artificial satellite = eaystag ellynagh. There is always laue-jeant. Artificial intelligence is not a thing that is constructed so I doubt laue-jeant or ellynagh would be appropriate. I think "far-inçhynaght" is probably the best term for it. --MacTire02 09:15, 2 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)
Ta far-inçhynaght ry-akin ayns Tshwane nish. -- Shimmin Beg 20:28, 8 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

General academia[edit source]

I'm working on creating footers for non-science disciplines to go with Template:Cass oaylleeaght sheshoil, Template:Cass oaylleeaght formoil and Template:Cass oaylleeaght najooragh. Does anyone know of a term used for 'humanities' in Manx? I couldn't find an Irish term either. -- Shimmin Beg 14:19, 12 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)

The Irish translation for humanity would be daonnacht (pl. ~aí). Bachelor of Arts in Humanities is translated as Baitsiléir Ealaíon i nDaonnachtaí. I managed to grab a hold of the following though I'm not sure what would be the best way to translate humanities:
sheelnaue - humankind, humanity, human being, mankind
dooinnalys - humanity, human nature
dooieaght - humanity
Maybe one of the above terms in the plural? --MacTire02 14:46, 12 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)
Looking through what I can find, to me dooinnalys seems the most apt. I suppose there's also the option of either borrowing the Irish term (e.g. dooinnaght) or using another way to describe it (e.g. studeyrys deiney). Any views? -- Shimmin Beg 21:46, 12 Luanistyn 2008 (UTC)
Ta mee er nyannoo ymmyd jeh dooieaghtyn ayns Clowan:Cass dooieaghtyn -- Shimmin Beg 19:13, 6 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)
Ta'n fockle studeyrys-sheelnaue ry-gheddyn 'syn 'ockleyr Tshwane nish da humanities. --MacTire02 20:43, 6 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)
Yes check.svgY Jeant T'eh caghlaait aym nish. -- Shimmin Beg 20:28, 8 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Cre mysh earth sciences? Ta shin jannoo ymmyd jeh thalloo-oaylleeaght (orrym pene y loght, my ta cooinaghtyn kiart aym) agh shen earth, soil, cha nel earth, geo- 'sy cheeal cheddin rere ny t'er duillagyn Yernish ny Baarle er y chooish. She eolaíocht an domhain ayns Yernish, myr shen, foddee beagh oaylleeaght yn ghowan ny dowan-oaylleeaght ny red ennagh myr shen ny share? Cha nel mee shickyr. Cre er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg 19:13, 6 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Foddee oaylleeaght y dowan ny dowan-oaylleeaght ayns my huarym. Cha nel boggaghys 'sy lhiaggan gienneydagh jeh'n 'ockle dowan. Jeeagh er world title 'syn 'ockleyr Tshwane. Ta'n red keddin taghyrt ayns Yernish lesh focklyn firrynagh ta toshiaghey lesh t ny d. 'Sy Ghaelg t'eh shen taghyrt lesh focklyn ta toshiaghey lesh t, j (ta cosoylagh rish de ny di ny Yernish ny ny Gaelg Albinagh), çh (cosoylagh rish te ny ti ny Yernish ny ny Gaelg Albinagh) as d. --MacTire02 20:43, 6 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC) lhisin cooinaghtyn shen ny share, dy feer. Hmm. S'mie lhiam freayll focklyn gollrish ny fir Yernish, agh cha nel agh un fockle oaylleeaght + ennymockle (oaylleeaght vainney) ayns Tshwane, myr shen, er lhiam dy vel dowan-oaylleeaght ny share. -- Shimmin Beg 21:07, 6 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Bea-oaylleeaght[edit source]

Rannagyn[edit source]

(Va'n resoonaght ayns shoh jeant ec y duillag tra va mee jannoo prowalys er y duillag. Hug mee eh ayns shoh son dy nod sleih dy 'eddyn ny sassey, as son tashtey y fys) -- Shimmin Beg 17:59, 16 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Ta mee gobbraghey er y duillag Rannag foast. S'treih lhiam nagh vel lioar bea-oaylleeaght daa-veeaghee aym!

Shoh ny h-eieyn t'aym da'n termeeaght noa.

  • cryss chleeauagh = pectoral girdle
  • caecilagh (caecilee) Kaikilagh (-ee) = caecilian
  • doarn vair chass = toe pad (son goaill greim er reddyn)
  • doarn hooee = suction pad
  • rannag gholiath = Goliath frog
  • rannag veg Affrickagh = African dwarf frog
  • rannag villagh White = White’s tree frog
  • rannag steab nieu = poison dart frog / poison arrow frog
  • rannag chuirtlagh = cane toad
  • rannag Awin Colorado = Colorado River toad
  • nieu vranlaadagh Gienneyder-branlaadys = hallucinogen
  • nieu cho-lheaystagh Gienneyder co-leaystey = convulsant
  • neayr-homaine nieu-nearag = neurotoxin
  • nieu hionney chuishley thanneyder-cuishlin = vasoconstrictor
  • nieu rannag = bufotoxin
  • bufotenin = bufotenin
  • druggey cloie druggey-soccar = recreational drug
  • raaue-cowrey (warning-sign) = aposematism
  • VND / Veerys Neuchoadey Deiney Veerys genney jeenaght sheelnaue / Veerys genney ym-yeenaght sheelnaue = HIV

Cre er lesh sleih elley? Shegin dou kuse jeu y chur da CnyG (m.s. HIV), reddyn scanshoil myr shen.

Chammah's shen, cre'n polaase ain mychione enmyn dooieyn? Bare dooin Gaelg y chur er y fer Baarle, ny cre? GMA Shimmin Beg 21:53, 5 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Ta mee credjal dy vel rannag ny fockle bwoirrinagh. Lesh shen, ta mee credjal vy vel eh ny share ymmyd y yannoo jeh marenmyn bwoirrinagh myrgeddin, myr sambyl: rannag chuirtlee (cane toad), rannag Gholiath (Goliath frog) a.r.e. Myrgeddin, ayns yn 'ockleyr Tshwane, t'eh gra dy vel y tree frog çhyndaait myr rannag villagh. Lesh shen, foddee dy vel rannag villagh White ny share da White's tree frog. She nieu chiart yn ennym ta currit er rank poison. Foddee dy vel y fockle nieu ny fockle bwoirrinagh lesh shen? Foddee dy vel neayr-homaine ny share son neurotoxin ass y daa 'ockle neayr- as tomaine (toxin). Ta mee coardail rish ny kiare çhyndaaghyn ec y toshiaght, as rish VND, branlaadagh, co-lheaystagh a.r.e. Cha nel ad ooilley agh smooinaghtyn, ansherbee, as eh 23:40 'syn oie, as ta skeeys mooar orrym ny yei reihys eaghtyraneys ny Steatyn Unnaneysit!! Smooinaghtyn elley? --MacTire02 23:44, 5 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Yes check.svgY Jeant::Ta mee coardail rish ny h-eieyn shoh. Chammah's shen, haink eh da'n gheill aym dy vel kynney > kynneeyn, che nel > kynnaghyn... shegin dou shen y chaghlaa ayns ymmodee artyn. -- Shimmin Beg 23:14, 6 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Caghlaait aym rere Tshwane -- Shimmin Beg 21:57, 14 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)
Updates[edit source]

Tshwane Jan 09:

  • Caecilian - Kaikilagh (-ee)
  • Hallucinogen - Gienneyder-branlaadys
  • Convulsant - Gienneyder co-leaystey
  • Neurotoxin - nieu-nearag
  • Vasoconstrictor - thanneyder-cuishlin
  • Recreational drug - druggey-soccar
  • HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) - Veerys genney jeenaght sheelnaue / Veerys genney ym-yeenaght sheelnaue
  • Immune system - coarys ym-yeenaght / coarys-jeenaght.
NB - Er lhiam dy vel shen marrantys lettraghey da corys-jeenaght?

Biological groups[edit source]

I'm wondering what's the best way to deal with biological classifications. These vary a lot between Manx and Latin/Greek (e.g. "Arthropod" exists in Manx, "Malacostraca" doesn't. Usually we name articles in the singular (e.g. "Sheeintagh"), which is okay when there's a Manx word. However, I'm not sure what's best to do with the Latin/Greek terms - for example, "Pleocyemata". It's probably easiest to keep the Latin/Greek terms for these rather than trying to translate everything. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of the singular form for all these terms, either for naming articles, linking to or finding them. Should we try to use the original singular? the plural? Adapt them to Manx plurals? Shimmin Beg 11:51, 11 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

I think the best way to do it might be to put in the Greek/Latin names in the taxonomy boxes, but redirect them to the Manx equivalent if there is one. If not then we should create articles using the respective Greek or Latin names as on the English language project. As regards plurals, unfortunately I haven't a clue about Latin or Greek plural endings. If the word is Latin or Greek we should definitely NOT use a manx plural ending. For the moment (until somebody with Manx and Latin/Greek joins the project) I think we should just follow the en:project example. i.e. On the platypus article on en: there is a link to Ornithorhynchidae. The article remains in the plural despite there also being a link to Platypoda which is in the singular. Put simply, follow the en: example unless there is a Manx equivalent. When there is one use the Manx singular. That's my opinion anyway. Maybe someone else has another suggestion? In the meantime we could just go ahead with that and then move the articles in time if so requested. Cre er lhiat? --MacTire02 14:46, 11 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)
Shen ny v'er lhiams, agh va mee laccal loayr er roish dou goll er. So let's go with that for now, anyway. -- Shimmin Beg 17:05, 11 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

After some thought, I've chosen to use plantae rather than lus for the kingdom, because it seemed to avoid the confusion between the common and technical use (plantae includes some algae and odd fossils, which lus doesn't usually cover). However, I have already used fungys for fungi and baagh for animalia. Which way do you think we should go with this? For example, the common use of baagh doesn't seem to cover humans, fish or birds, let alone sponges, jellyfish, flatworms and the like - which doesn't mean we can't extend it that way, of course. Cre er lhiats? -- Shimmin Beg 22:51, 26 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Shoh cooish elley. At the moment I'm keeping to scientific terms for groups as the main article. Many of them don't have a common Manx name, or not one that seems accurate in the context, so it's difficult to refer to the creatures in question. At the moment I'm using -n as the singular form, because the groups end with -a. For example, a member of the phylum Ctenophora is described as a ctenophoran, plural ctenophoranyn. The other option is the common -agh, but this gets complicated when words end in a vowel (cnidaria > cnidariagh, cnidariee). Cre er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg 12:52, 30 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Cell biology[edit source]

I used a few new terms in Eukaryota, but as there are no links, they could easily be changed.

  • folmid killag (Tshwane) - vacuole
  • mynphioban - microtubule (Yernish micrifhidín)
  • mynsnaie - microfilament (Yernish micrifiliméad)
  • meansnaie - intermediate filament
  • ushylagh killag (rere "Folmid killag") - cytoskeleton - (Yernish cítichreatlach)
  • rheynn killagyn - cell division
  • mynolt - organelle (Yernish orgánaid)
  • yl-heshveanagh – multinucleate (Yernish ilnúicléatach)
  • far-chass – pseudopod
  • plasmey killag – cytoplasm, rere folmid killag (Yernish cíteaplasma)
  • endophlasmey – endoplasm, rere endothermagh fo (Yernish ionphlasma)
  • ectophlasmey – ectoplasm, rere ectothermagh fo (Yernish eicteaplasma)
  • Ta ectoplasm ec Tshwane nish myr fockle Gaelgagh, agh ta "plasmey" ayn myrgeddin as lettraghey anchasley rish echey. -- Shimmin Beg 21:57, 14 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)
  • killag-ee - phagocytosis (Yernish fagacítóis)
  • phagocyte - (Yernish fagacít)
  • photosynthesis - co-haaghey sollys, rere coip-hollys as cohaggloo sollys (Yernish fótaisintéis)

Cre er lhieu? -- Shimmin Beg 22:24, 20 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Another thing: because there's no "z" in Manx,and CnG uses "protosoa", should we change the like to "-soa"? And similarly with "x" > "ks" or "cs"? I changed "amoebozoa" > "amoebosoa" on this basis (as I'd written the page already and wanted to put it in), but there's plenty more examples on Eukaryota, for example. Thought this needed checking before I unilaterally changed everything! -- Shimmin Beg 20:53, 24 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)
Rere Tshwane she killag y fockle currit er cell as lesh shen ta ny focklyn heose caghlaait aym nish. Red elley, dy cadjin ta CnyG cur enmyn çheet magh ass enmyn Yernish er focklyn gyn enmyn Gaelgagh - rere (ynnyd oikoil termeeaght ny Yernish) she baictéarafagach yn ennym currit er bacteriophage, as myr shen chroo mee yn lhieggan bacteyrofagagh myr tayrn-sthoo. Cre er lhiat? My vel oo coardail rish shen, shegin dooin caghlaa killag-ee (heose). Er "z" gys "s", as "x" gys "ks" ny "cs" ta mee coardail rish yn eie shen, faagail magh "x" ec toshiaght yn 'ockle, raad dy vel "s" ynrican ny share. --MacTire02 23:54, 24 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)
Gura mie ayd ghooinney, ta mee mestey -ag/-agh ro vennick. As son y chiangley shoh chammah. Dy firrinagh, ta ymmodee focklyn Yernish son adsyn heose, as myr shen, hug stiagh mee ad heose son cosoylagh. Bare dou goll nish. Screeuym ny smoo lurg yn obbyr! -- Shimmin Beg 09:31, 25 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)
T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel Yernish cliaghtit rish goaill focklyn myr shen as cur blass Yernish orroo. 'sy Ghaelg, ny keayrt t'ad shen y yannoo, as ny keayrtyn elley, fockle noa ass focklyn Gaelgagh y chroo (Gaeilge cíteatocsaineach, Gaelg killag-nieunagh). Myr shen cha s'aym, dy firrinagh. -- Shimmin Beg 22:51, 26 Mee Houney 2008 (UTC)

Ny smoo, ass Killag...

  • Far-chrackan killag = cell membrane
  • Far-chrackan plasmagh = plasma membrane
  • Lipaid = lipid (Y. lipid)
  • Daa-vrat = bilayer
  • Daa-vrat lipaidagh = lipid bilayer
  • Kroymasoom = chromosome (Tshwane)
  • Ribbosoom = ribosome (Y. ribeasóm), rere daaocsyribbonucleagh as kroymasoom (Tshwane)
  • Leesosoom = lysosome (Y. líseasóm)
  • Perocsisoom = Peroxisome
  • Glyocsysoom = Glyoxysome
  • Kentrosoom = centrosome (Y. ceintreasóm)
  • Kentreen = centriole (Y. ceintrín)
  • Plasmaid = plasmid (Y. plasmaid)
  • Plastaid = plastid (Y. plastaid)
  • Tonoplast = tonoplast (Y. tónaplast)
  • Kishtag = capsule (Tshwane, 'sy cheayll cadjin)
  • Mitochondrion = Mitochondrion
  • Flagellum = flagellum
  • Pilus = pilus
  • GRN / Geayr ribbonucleagh = ribonucleaic acid / RNA, rere geayr daaocsyribbonucleagh (Tshwane)
  • GRN çhaghter = messenger RNA
  • Far-heshvean = nucleoid
  • Co-vreneen glackey = receptor molecule
  • Myn-heshvean = nucleolus
  • Shassoo noi noi-vaagh = antibiotic resistance
  • Çhionnid trooid-heelagh = osmotic pressure, rere çhionnid aer (Tshwane)
  • Soe = metabolism (Tshwane)
  • Theelakoidjagh = thylakoid (Y. tíleacóideach)
  • Cisterna(e) = cisterna(e)
  • Cytosol = cytosol
  • Geayr sahllagh = fatty acid

Smooinaghtyn erbee mynyngione? -- Shimmin Beg 21:43, 22 Mee ny Nollick 2008 (UTC)

Focklyn noa jeant aym, er son mynvioagh:

  • Corys bio Eggochorys = ecosystem
  • Fo-soo Tashtey = fixation (Y. Fosúchán)
  • Co-whingaghey bacteyragh = bacterial conjugation
  • Goaill stiagh gienntag = transformation (bacteyr goaill stiagh GDN trooid y voalley killag)
  • Cur stiagh gienntag = transduction (cur stiagh GDN ayns killag, liorish veerys son y chooid smoo)

Smooinaghtyn? -- Shimmin Beg 14:14, 26 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)

Er ny focklyn shen heose ta ny eieyn eiyrtyssagh aym mynyngione.
  • Ecosystem - foddee corys bio, agh er lhiam dy vel eh cheet er live system ayns Baarle, foddee. Ta focklyn ayn hannah er son ecology (eggoaylleeaght), as ta'n Yernish jannoo ymmyd jeh éiceachóras son ecosystem. Velmayd jargal ymmyd dy yannoo ass eggochorys? Cha nel mee shickyr fo shen, cha nel agh eie t'ayn da.
  • Fixation - ta'n fockle Yernagh fosúchán cheet magh ass y vreear fosaigh as eh cheet er tashtey ny soiaghey ny Gaelgey, ny fixation ny deposit ny Baarle. She breear as ennymockle breearagh t'ayn 'sy fockle tashtey. Foddee shin ymmyd y yannoo ass son y chooish shen. Jeeagh er electro-deposit (lectro-hashtey). Foddee tashtey ny tashtaghey?
  • Bacterial conjugation - Ta mee coardail rish y chyndaa ta crooit ayd son shen.
  • Transformation - reesht ayns coardailys
  • Transduction - myr y dooyrt mee heose fo transformation
Cre er lhiat? --MacTire02 14:37, 26 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
Eieyn feer vie.
  • Va mee credjal dy row fosúchán jeh súchán, t'ou toiggal, as shen bun soo, foddee. Myr shen va beggan keeall ayn! Agh share lhiam yn eie ayd.
  • Cha row mee shickyr my va eggo- ayn ny dyn, er y fa nagh vel monney jeh ry-akin. As er y fa dy nhare lhiam reddyn er jerrey yn 'ockle y chur... agh cha row mee jeant magh lesh corys bio noadyr, er y fa nagh vel dagh rheynn jeh bio, m.s. aer as beaghey as nyn lheid. Myr shen, s'cosoylagh dy vel eh ny share eggochorys y ghra.
Feysht elley - vel ad cliaghtey screeu yl-rey ny unnidagh 'sy Ghaelg as Yernish? Ta mee cliaghtit rish jannoo ymmyd mooar jeh'n yl-rey 'sy Vretnish tra t'eh jannoo obbyr marennymagh, agh cha nel mee shickyr mychione y Ghaelg. Lhisin "cur stiagh gienntagyn" y ghra? -- Shimmin Beg 15:01, 26 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
Ah!! Red elley! Ta mee er cheet er y fockle induction. T'eh chyndaait myr indughtaghey ayns Gaelg. As ta shen jannoo ymmyd jeh tessen son trans ny Baarle. Foddee transduction y chyndaa myr tessen-dughtaghey, foddee? Trasduchtú yn fockle Yernish t'er. Insh dou ayns Baarle, my sailt, cre t'ayns transformation ayns keeall vea-oaylleeaght? Foddee dy vel shen jargal eh y chyndaa myr tessen-chiaddey ny tessen-chummey?
Er dty feysht yerrinagh - ta "cur stiagh gien" ny share. Ta shen jannoo ymmyd jeh'n lhieggan unnidagh dy mennick ayns ny chengaghyn Gaelgagh, ayns Yernish er lheh. --MacTire02 15:22, 26 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
In microbiology, "transduction" is the transfer of DNA between cells by a virus (either between bacteria, or by scientists for genetic modification of cells). "Transformation" is absorption of 'free' DNA from the environment by a cell. Sadly they're not very intuitive and have plenty of other meanings.
Mychione "indughtaghey": yiarrin dy vel eh çheet er keeall er lheh jeh'n 'ockle, bentyn rish fishag, agh cha nel mee shickyr nagh vel keeall cadjin echey myrgeddin. Son "transduction", fodmayd gra "tessen-ymmyrkey", neesht, bentyn rish y cheeall.
Cre er lhiat? Share lhiam focklyn as keeall baghtal oc y chroo, tra ta'n chaa aym, as shen bun ny focklyn heose. Er lhiam, dy mennick, ta keeall ny focklyn goll er coayl lesh goaill ad ass Ladjyn/Greagish stiagh 'sy Vaarle as eisht goaill ad stiagh 'sy Ghaelg. Tra ta keeallyn s'menkey ec ny focklyn Baarle, er lheh (shen y fa nagh screeu mee "caghlaa" ny "ceaghley" son "transformation", myr sampleyr). Ayns cooishyn myr shoh, bare lhiam çhyndaa keeall na sheean. Agh she cooish dooillee t'ayn ny keayrtyn, as cha nel eh agh my varel hene, as cha nel mee shickyr er chor erbee...
Gura mie ayd son y choyrle ghrammeydagh!
-- Shimmin Beg 16:39, 26 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
Failt rhyt. Cha nel mee shickyr mychione "indughtaghey" ny "tessen-dughtaghey" chammah. Cha row ayn agh eieyn lhiam va bunnit er Yernish. Ta twoaieaght orrym nagh vel currym orrin dagh fockle gyn lhieggan Gaelgey ayn dy aascreeu ass y Yernish :) Foddee, nee CnyG chyndaaghyn dhooin! --MacTire02 19:12, 26 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
By vie lhiam shen! S'mie lhiam eeassaghey focklyn Yernish, son y chooid smoo; my ta ny fraueyn ry-akin 'sy Ghaelg dy baghtal, ta mee nyn goaill ass laue. Dy firrinagh, foddee dy beagh eh ny share ny fockle shen y eeassaghey (er y fa dy vel bun çheumooie oc) ayns ynnyd jeh mish y chroo focklyn noa ta ny share lhiam pene..? Agh s'mie lhiam termeeaght baghtal da sleih cadjin... -- Shimmin Beg 22:51, 26 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)

Feysht elley. Ta mee shirrey focklyn son "-phile" as "-philic" bentyn rish feme as aafilley bea-oaylleeagh. Myr sampleyr, "halophile/-ic" as "cryophile/-ic". Er son dy screeu yn artyn, ta mee jannoo ymmyd jeh "graihder feayrid"/"feayrid-ghraihagh", rere "graihder kiaull", "graihder Hostyn", "graihder kirp" a.r.e. Cha nel monney jeu ayn, as ta'n cheeall oc beggan anchasley rish y chooish t'ayn, er lhiam. Ta Yernish jannoo ymmyd jeh "-iarrthach", m.s. "planda aigéadiarrthach". Er lhiam dy vel shen cosoylagh rish "yeearreeagh"?

  • Er lhiat, beagh eh ny share ymmyd jeh "graihder/graihagh" y yannoo, ny "yeearreeagh"? Ny fockle ennagh elley?
  • Bentyn rish "graihder Y" as y lheid, lhisagh eh cur boggaghys er yn 'ockle ny yei? Ta boggaghys ec "graihder Hostyn" agh cha nel ec focklyn elley. Yiarrin dy lhisagh, agh cha nel eh 'syn 'ockleyr.

-- Shimmin Beg 10:50, 9 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)

Ta'n kiart ayd mychione chyndaa y fockle iarrthach myr yeearreeagh. Agh er lhiam cha nel ad nyn jyndaaghyn kiart. Ta'n Yernish jannoo ymmyd jeh -fileach son -phile ayns focklyn oaylleeagh, lheid as teirmifileach son "thermophile". My vel shen goll lesh y Yernish shegin dhooin fockle lheid as çhermey-filagh, çhermey-fillagh ny red s'cosoylagh. Ta'n fockle -phile çheet ass φιλία ny Greagish as eh çheet er graihder ny yeearreeagh. Magh ass shen cha nel fys aym cre'n fockle ta ny share dhooin. Gow my leshtal, Himmin. --MacTire02 22:51, 9 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)

Ny jean boirey er, ghooinney! S'mie lhiam clashtyn dy row yn eie kiart aym. T'eh jeeaghyn dy nee termeeaght gareydys as y lheid t'ayn, foddee. As shinyn gyn termeeaght oikoil, t'eh foym ny focklyn heose y chur stiagh nish, as adsyn y chaghlaa rere termeeaght noa tra vees eh çheet magh. -- Shimmin Beg 09:10, 10 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)

Oh! Ren mee jarrood er dty feysht mychione y ghrammeydys bentyn rish Sostyn/Hostyn. Ta'n fockle "Sostyn" ny fockle kinjagh (definite noun ayns Baarle). T'eh shen, ta'n fockle ymmydit gyn yn olt "y" ny "yn" ayns dagh cooish, ayns cosoylaght rish focklyn elley. So, my vel shin gra mychione fockle kinjagh 'sy chase gienneydagh, shegin dhooin cur boggaghys er y chied lettyr jeh'n fockle kinjagh ayns DAGH cooish. So - graihder kiaull = lover of music. Agh 'sy chooish shoh cha nel y fockle shen ny fockle kinjagh. Rere shen, ta'n fockle coardail rish keintys y chione-ockle - 'sy chooish shoh she fockle firrynagh eh "graihder". Cha nel focklyn firrynagh jannoo red erbee da ny focklyn ny yei. Agh, mannagh vel fockle laccal yn olt dys ve ny fockle jeeragh, shegin dhooin boggaghey yn fockle shen 'sy chase gienneydagh. Mannagh vel eh so-hoiggal ayd cur feysht orrym reesht er my ghuillag resoonaght :) --MacTire02 23:02, 10 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)
Er lhiam dy vel mee toiggal nish, gura mie ayd. -- Shimmin Beg 14:13, 11 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)

Killagyn / Cells[edit source]

Cnidoctye - Killag ghuinney (gyn Yernish)

Fyshoaylleeaght / Physiology[edit source]

Another odd group that's cropped up: words relating to cold-blooded and warm-blooded.

  • Cold-blooded - feayr-fuiltagh (Tshwane)
  • Warm-blooded - blah-folley (Tshwane)

Nowadays there are a group of terms we use instead. The most important are:

  • Poikilotherm(ic) - Yer. poiciliteirm (bw.) ; also corrtheasach (adj., poikilothermic) - çhiass-cheaghlagh?
  • Homeotherm(ic) - un-çhiassagh?
  • Endotherm(ic) - Yer. inteirmeach for endothermic - çhiass-veanagh? hene-çhiassagh?
  • Ectotherm(ic) - Yer. eictiteirmeach for ectothermic - çhiass-vooieagh? neuhene-çhiassagh?

Cha nel monney eie aym pene er ny lhisin cur orroo, dy firrinagh. -- Shimmin Beg 21:09, 10 Mee ny Nollick 2008 (UTC)

  • Poikilothermic - possibly yl-thermagh
  • Homeothermic - Homeo comes from the Greek word ὅμος, hómos (equal) as in homosexual, homogeneity... How about homothermagh
  • Endothermic - Endoscopy = endoscopys, electro-thermic = lectrothermagh. Therefore maybe endothermic should be translated as endothermagh?
  • Ectothermic - Ectoplasm = ectoplasm. Possibly ectothermagh?
Cre er lhiat? --MacTire02 13:13, 11 Mee ny Nollick 2008 (UTC)
T'ad jeeaghyn dy mie son y chooid smoo, as kiangylt rish y Yernish chammah. Cha nel mee shickyr mychione homothermagh - ta'n fockleyr jannoo ymmyd jeh co- son y chooid smoo bentyn rish focklyn homo-. Cre mysh co-thermagh? -- Shimmin Beg 17:21, 14 Mee ny Nollick 2008 (UTC)
Ta mee er coardailys rish shen. --MacTire02 12:28, 15 Mee ny Nollick 2008 (UTC)
Ta çhermagh ayns Tshwane nish er son "therm-", myr shen, ta mee er gaghlaa fockle ny ghaa v'ayn gyn art foast. -- Shimmin Beg 11:07, 29 Mean Fouyir 2010 (UTC)

Kuse dy fir elley...

  • Chemotroph - beeagheyder kemmigagh
  • Chemotrophy - beeaghey kemmigagh
  • Chemotrophic - Yer. ceimeatrófach - beeaghey kemmigagh (beeaghee kemmigagh?)
  • Phototroph - beeagheyder sollysh
  • Phototrophy - beeaghey sollysh
  • Phototrophic - Yer. fótatrófach - beeaghey sollysh (beeaghee sollysh?)
  • Chemoautotrophic - Yer. ceamuatrófach - hene-veeaghey kemmigagh
  • Chemoautotroph - hene-veeagheyder kemmigagh
  • Chemoheterotroph - hetra-veeagheyder kemmigagh
  • Photoautotroph - hene-veeagheyder sollysh
  • Photoautotrophy - hene-veeaghey sollysh
  • Photoheterotrophy - hetra-veeaghey sollysh

as myr shen. (Ny beeaghey as daa e echey, foddee - ta'n daa ec Tshwane.)

Cha noddym feddyn sampleyr jeh ymmyd chemo- ny kemmig- 'syn aght cheddin, she X kemmigagh as X sollys t'ayn. Myr shen, ta mee er screeu ny ta erskyn derrey vees fer share ain. Vel eieyn ayd? -- Shimmin Beg 19:10, 2 Boaldyn 2009 (UTC)

  • Kelleenys - Tissue (Tshwane, agh cha nel mee shickyr mychione yn ymmyd bea-oaylleeagh)
  • Ta stoo kirp ain nish ayns Tshwane (myr stoo kirp deiney, "human tissue").

-- Shimmin Beg 09:29, 2 Jerrey Souree 2010 (UTC)

  • Co-assee = allelopathy

-- Shimmin Beg 09:30, 2 Jerrey Souree 2010 (UTC)

Vertebrae[edit source]

  • mening = meninges
  • cassan drommey = vertebral canal
  • corpane vertebragh = vertebral body
  • cubblane vertebragh = spinal process
  • cubblane tessen = transverse process
  • cubblane juntagh = articular process
  • duillag vertebragh = vertebral lamina
  • towl vertebragh = foramen
  • fliughid kerrodrommey = cerebrospinal fluid

Lossreeyn[edit source]

  • trooid-ghaalaghey = transpiration (Y. trasghalú)
  • bineal = guttation (Y. braonaíl)
  • craaish = cuticle (Tsh.)
  • epiderm s'ardjey = upper epidermis
  • epiderm s'inshley
  • mesophyll çhionn = palisade mesophyll
  • mesophyll thoagagh = spongy mesophyll
  • stoma = stoma
  • killag skaa = guard cell (Y. sciathchill)
  • dhossan cuishlagh = vascular bundle
  • phloem = phloem
  • killag choonee = subsidiary cell
  • croshagh = decussate
  • croshaght = decussation
  • çhymshal = gyre, a complete circuit of leaves around a stem
  • ruegyssagh = invasive
  • rhisoom = rhizome Ta "raisoam" ayns Tshwane nish -- Shimmin Beg 17:14, 13 Boaldyn 2011 (UTC)
  • mycorrhisagh = mycorrhiza

Cha s'aym cre'n aght share dy aascreeu xylem, myr shen, cha nel mee caghlaa eh. Fodmayd screeu "sylem" ny "sailem" ny "seihllem" ny "seihllym" as fir elley, foddee. Cre er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg 10:10, 2 Mean Souree 2010 (UTC)

Er lhiam dy beagh "sylem" focklit magh myr /səlɛm/ ny e lheid as ta "seihllem" ro aggys da "seihll". Veagh "xylem" myr t'eh 'sy Vaarle ny "sailem" ny share, agh cha nel mee ro hickyr my-e-chione. --MacTire02 08:46, 7 Mean Souree 2010 (UTC)
  • cooid lhiettalagh = limiting factor
  • jeeyll (aawoalley) = waste product (of a chemical reaction)

Ta feme ain er fockle er son "respiration" (yn aawoalley kemmigagh) myrgeddin, agh cha s'aym er fockle mie. Er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg 20:07, 6 Mean Souree 2010 (UTC)

Cha nel fys aym er fockle mie myrgeddin. Ta "tayrn ennal" 'sy fockleyr agh t'eh cheet er yn obbraid bentyn rish ny scowanyn. Cre ta'n cheeall t'ou shirrey? --MacTire02 08:55, 7 Mean Souree 2010 (UTC)

Philosophy / Fallsoonys[edit source]


  • Epistemology - epistemoaylleeaght (Yernish eipistéimeolaíocht)
  • Cognitive science - smooinaghtoaylleeaght (gyn Yernish)
  • Political philosophy - fallsoonys politickagh
  • Philosophy of mind - fallsoonys yn aigney
  • Philosophy of language - fallsoonys ghlare

'sy fockleyr Tshwane

  • Metaphysics - metafissig (despite fishag!)
  • Cosmology - tuinney-oaylleeaght
  • Ontology - ontoaylleeaght
  • Ethics - moraltaght
  • Aesthetics - aesthetaght
  • Logic - Resoon

Occasionally fallsoonaght is offered for philosophy (e.g. fallsoonaght voralaght, moral philosophy) which follows the Irish, but fallsoonys seems more usual. -- Shimmin Beg 21:34, 7 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Reiltys[edit source]

Termeeaght ta mee cur roish:

  • Lught-reill unnaneagh = Unitary Authority (rere focklyn cosoylagh Tshwane)
  • Ard-slyst = Principal Area (noa)
  • Slattys Parlamaid Vretyn Mooar = Act of the British Parliament (Tshwane)
Ta fys aym dy vel Slattys Parlamaid Vretyn Mooar ec Tshwane, agh cha nel mee ro-hickyr fo. Er lhiam dy vel Slattys Parlamaid ny Bretyn Mooar ny share. Er Tshwane, she Y Vretyn Vooar ennym yn ellan/ny çheerey. Fockle bwoirrinagh t'ayn, as eh cowraghey my vel lhieggan gienneydagh ayn, shegin ny focklyn y chaghlaa myr shoh: Y Vretyn Vooarny Bretyn Mooar.
Dy firrinagh, v'eh cur orrym ve beggan fud y cheilley nagh row cummey bwoirrinagh ayn. Ta mee lane coardail rhyt. -- Shimmin Beg 11:48, 13 Mart 2009 (UTC)

Haink my ner dy vel mee er screeu "balley corpagh" ny keayrtyn as "co-chorp" ny keayrtyn er son Baarle: borough. Er lhiam dy beagh eh ny share fer jeu y reih, agh cre'n fockle share er lhiat? T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel "balley corpagh" bentyn rish feer valley, as myr shen foddee dy vel "co-chorp" ny s'lhea (as t'eh ayn hannah er son coondaeghyn Vretin as Nerin)-- Shimmin Beg 10:48, 26 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

Çhengaghyn[edit source]

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta mee cur enmyn er ymmodee çhengaghyn liorish kishtaghyn stiurey (ga nagh vel artyn oc foast). S'doillee eh, ny keayrtyn, ennym kiart orroo y chur. Ta mee smooinnaghtyn er "reill" enmys son jannoo shen ny s'assey gyn monney boirey er yn ennym kiart. Va mee son resooney er shen beggan roish my nee'm rouyr fir smoo; foddee dy bee eh orrym ad y chaghlaa, ny yei.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta shin cliaghtey jannoo ymmyd jeh enmyn dooghyssagh ny çhengaghyn hene son y chooid smoo (Slavey, Gwich'in as nyn lheid), agh ny çhengaghyn Celtiagh elley, t'ad cur ny meeryn yerree Celtiagh orroo son y chooid smoo. Myr sampleyr, ta Navajo (çhengey) mooinjerey da br:Navac'hoeg, ga:Navachóis as gd:Navajo (cànan). Ta Britaanish cur -eg ec dagh çhengey, as my vees daa 'ockle ayn, t'ad cur - eddyr oc. Myr sampleyr, Nar Phubr:Nar-poueg. T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel Yernish jannoo y red cheddin, agh my vees daa 'ockle ayn, cha nel ad caghlaa yn ennym (myr sampleyr, ga:Tok Pisin).

S'mie lhiam y reill Britaanish, agh cha nel mee soit er. Cre er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg 09:05, 16 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)

Creg-oaylleeaght[edit source]

  • Towse tree creg-oaylleeaght
    • ard-eash - supereon
    • eash - aeon/eon (Tshwane)
    • rey - era (Tshwane)
    • earish - period (Tshwane)
    • amm - epoch (Tshwane)
    • lhing - age (Tshwane)
    • chron - chron
  • Towse strata
    • straih eash - eonothem
    • straih rey - erathem
    • straih earish - system
    • straih amm - series
    • straih lhing - stage
    • straih chron - chronozone

Maddaght[edit source]

Focklyn noa jeant aym jiu:

  • cair-uillinagh - orthogonal (noa)
  • yl-raghey matricks - matrix multiplication (noa)
  • maylartey - transpose (Tshwane)
  • çhymsaght - set

Fishag[edit source]

Focklyn noa:

  • entroapaght (bw.) - entropy (rere eantrópacht Yernish)
  • jarroo-hiassid jarroo-hohaght - absolute temperature (rere jarroo-hohaght as jarroo-neunhee) Ta'n fockle shoh ayns Tshwane as hannah - cha s'aym c'red va mee jannoo ec y traa v'ayn. -- Shimmin Beg 21:57, 14 Mee ny Nollick 2009 (UTC)
  • bree sthie - internal energy
  • bree Helmholtz - Helmholtz energy