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Cad faoi, a bhuachaill? :)[edit source]

Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Dhuit :)

Anyways - to business.Mind if I apply for temporary adminship and 'cratship on here? A day should do it! The wiki is also being overrun by bots without their bits set and RecentChanges is choked with interwiki linkbots. I'll have to dink around with Mediawiki space as there's a whole bunch of stuff not right in there. And as for the logo, that was kinda supposed to have happened when the Vector skin went default/live (last year - LOL) but it didn't happen on the minority language wikis. I notice that got the jump on us ga/gv types and got theirs in place :) I did ga.wikipedia's one myself, with a little help driving InkScape from Zscout, and can easily get your one done too.

So - for the steward's eyes; can I have temporary sysop/crat for a day or two to get things sorted for you guys? I see that you're the only sysop on here - Alison 17:29, 3 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

Agus beannachtaí na hAthbhliana dhuit fosta :)
You most definitely should have sysop/crat access for a day or two or more (in my opinion it would be great if you had full permanent privileges - we have an admin (me) and that's it - no bureaucrat or higher, save for those with cross-wiki privileges). With the bots, unfortunately I don't think my status allows me set their bits (if it does I'd love to know how) --MacTire02 18:08, 3 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)
Thanks again! Looks like I'm up and running. Thanks, Stewards :) I'll get working on this in a few mins & should have everything sorted later tonight - Alison 19:16, 3 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)
All Yes check.svgY Jeant and sorted now :) If anyone should go for sysop, BTW, I'd rather see it was Shimmin Beg, who would have far better use for it than me. You're permanent now, right? - Alison 06:42, 8 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)
Yes I've permanent status as admin now. Looking at other small projects, there seems to be room for a second admin here. What would be great would be if we could have Shimmin as our second permanent admin, and perhaps have you (or someone else if you felt you wouldn't have the time) as a bureaucrat for us for the likes of granting bot status and such. Anyway, it was great having you here helping fix those things. Thanks a million once again. --MacTire02 11:41, 8 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

Oh, and I fired up AllieBot again. I'll keep her running in order to welcome new users :) - Alison 02:40, 11 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

Great stuff Alison. Thanks for that. :) --MacTire02 14:14, 11 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

Armenian is no longer spoken in Azerbaijan proper i.e. outside Nagorno-Karabakh.[edit source]

Armenian is no longer spoken in Azerbaijan proper i.e. outside the secessionist Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Armenians reside almost exclusively within Nagorno-Karabakh, in Azerbaijan proper there are practically no Armenians left.

You should either include the de-facto Nagorno-Karabakh which is de-jure in Azerbaijan to make it valid, or if the unrecognized entity is counted separately, drop Azerbaijan alltogether.


The secessionist republic of Nagorno-Karabakh is still considered under international law as part of Azerbaijan. Therefore the language is spoken in Azerbaijan. Even according to the 1999 Azerbaijan census, there are 120,700 Armenians living in Azerbaijan (granted a majority of whom live in NKR). The infobox here does not recognise de-facto or de-jure, and is there simply to allow readers without any knowledge of political circumstance to identify the region(s) in which a language is spoken. If the language is no longer spoken in Azerbaijan, then please provide a reference. If the language is purely restricted to NKR then it may be possible to alter the infobox, but until such a time as that is verifiable I see no reason to mention Azerbaijan twice simply to mention the name NKR. You also removed Turkey from the infobox, despite the presence of a large number of Armenian speakers in Turkey (in Istanbul, Ankara, etc.). Please explain those actions too. --MacTire02 09:27, 12 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)
I have seen that the legitimate Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is not put in the box of the Armenian language article, but instead as "Azerbaijan", which is false. The Armenians who are wrongly classified in "Azerbaijan", are actually the ones who live in the legitimate Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, and not in Azerbaijan which is a separate country where there are no more Armenians left and no Armenian is spoken. You should correct this. And in Turkey, Armenian is practically extinct there, because the vast majority of them were killed in the Armenian Genocide, and the surviving small Armenian community (virtually all whom live in Istanbul) of no more than 45,000 thousand have been forcefully assimilated and speak almost exclusively Turkish as a mother language. Oh yes I am Armenian and I just want objective accuracy on these.
As I stated - please provide references. NKR is not a legitimate republic under international law, and is recognised by no other internationally recognised country, not even Armenia. Please remember, Wikipedia is not about the truth, it is about verifiability. Please re-read my comment above where I stated that "...[t]he infobox here does not recognise de-facto or de-jure, and is there simply to allow readers without any knowledge of political circumstance to identify the region(s) in which a language is spoken." NKR is already mentioned in the infobox as an entity in which the language has official recognition. Again I ask you to provide a reference which states:
  1. that Nagorno-Karabakh as an entity is NOT a part of Azerbaijan under international law
  2. that there are no Armenian speakers living outside NKR but only within Azerbaijan proper
  3. that there are no Armenian speakers living in Turkey
I am well aware of the situation in Armenia and of the Armenian genocide and Turkey's denial of the facts. Indeed I have a friend who served in the Armenian armed forces and was stationed for a period of time on the border with Azerbaijan (albeit not at the time of the war). Also, according to the article here there are somewhere in the region of between 8,000 and 14,000 speakers of Armenian in Turkey. --MacTire02 16:17, 28 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

Main page makeover?[edit source]

Hi again. I remember asking this before about two years back, but do you want the main page updated similar to ga.wikipedia? I did the makeover there in Christmas 2008 :) It would look a lot cleaner and more modern, esp. with the Vector skin we now have. Thoughts? - Alison 09:39, 14 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

I think the best thing to do would be to ask the question at the Ynnyd y phobble. Personally I think it is time for an updated look, but the problem lies with the dates section (Ar an lá seo...). I don't think we have sufficient manpower do to up all the dates for the year, unless you fancy sticking around for a while ;). What kind of ideas would you be thinking of implementing? --MacTire02 09:48, 14 Jerrey Geuree 2011 (UTC)

Kishtey fys[edit source]

Fastyr mie! Liorish gobbraghey er kishtey fys noa, haink my ner dy vel cummey noa ayn 'sy Vaarle as nagh row y fer ain lhiggey da dagh ooilley pharameter ass y Vaarle (erskyn ooilley, cha row eh lhiggey dou cur stiagh daa yalloo). Ren mee beggan obbyr er, er y fa nagh row eh taishbyney teks er y vooadys kiart, agh er lhiam dy vel eh jeant nish. T'eh ec {{Kishtey fys/kishtey geinnee}}. By vie lhiam eshyn y chur ayns ynnyd yn çhenn 'er, agh cre er lhiat? Foddee oo prowal eh liorish cur /kishtey geinnee er jerrey "{{Kishtey fys}}" goit stiagh ennagh, m.s. ayns {{Kishtey fys earishlioar}}". Foddee dy vel doilleeidyn elley ayn foast. -- Shimmin Beg 13:41, 7 Averil 2011 (UTC)

Ren mee jeeaghyn er y chlowan noa t'ayd, Himmin, as t'eh jeeaghyn dy mie er lhiam. Ren mee prowal eh lesh clowanyn elley, un 'er t'er ny scryssey magh aym, as, er lhiam, cha row dooilleeidyn ny feyshtyn ayn lesh. Er lhiam dy voddagh oo cur eh ayn ayns ynnyd y chenn-chlowan. My vel dooilleeidyn ayn lurg y jannoo shen fodmayd kiartaghey eh. --MacTire02 13:15, 8 Averil 2011 (UTC)

Teletubbies[edit source]

Could you please start the page for Teletubbies? I love that show! Also, would it be ok to have the Charlotte's Web book cover on this wiki? 23:46, 15 Averil 2011 (UTC)

I can't start that article just quite yet. I am currently in the middle of a lot of work outside of Wikipedia and am generally only present to tweak a few things here and there, and perhaps contribute the odd article or two. However, when time becomes available again then I would certainly be able to create a start on that article for you. In the meantime, yes it is fine for you to upload ANY image you want to this project. Just click on the "Laadey neese coadan" on the left hand side of the screen. Just remember, any images that you upload that are your own personal works, and that you release all rights to, would be more appropriately uploaded at Wikimedia Commons. Any information that has copyright status attached, or any other such restriction, must be uploaded separately on each project along with an accompanying licence tag and rational for such an upload. For the book in question above the tags you will need are {{Coodagh lioar neu-heyr}} ("Non-free book cover") and {{Resoonaght da jallooyn nagh vel seyr}} ("Fair use rationale"). --MacTire02 08:39, 16 Averil 2011 (UTC)
I don't have an account, and don't know how to upload images. I was actually asking if someone with an account would do it. But that's okay. Also, if I made a page for the sequel, could you help write the contents? The sequel (to the 1973 film) is called Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure. It was deleted before but because it was vandalism by Bambifan101. 19:44, 25 Averil 2011 (UTC)
@MacTire02, don't listen to him, he's just Bambifan himself and this IP is blocked for editing for a day now. Trijnstel 19:59, 25 Averil 2011 (UTC)
I'd recommend creating the Charlotte's Web sequel, or else it'll keep being created as vandalism (deleted three times). 22:01, 14 Luanistyn 2011 (UTC)
I started a one-liner, but it should obviously be expanded. The image for the book is a good idea too. 22:08, 14 Luanistyn 2011 (UTC)
For future reference, actions such as those you did today at the Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure article WILL be reversed and the article will be locked to prevent anon IPs from inserting material. Please request an article in future from one of the users at this encyclopaedia rather than inserting articles in the wrong language. Mac Tíre Cowag 19:57, 15 Luanistyn 2011 (UTC)
Can the book cover be uploaded now? If not, could you upload it by Friday? Thanks. 20:00, 15 Luanistyn 2011 (UTC)
Can you not upload it yourself? I do not own a cover or copy of the cover to upload. Mac Tíre Cowag 20:04, 15 Luanistyn 2011 (UTC)
Well, I'd upload it, but since ips can't upload, and I could never figure out how to do it (I do own the book though, one of my favorite stories), I think you can upload based on the English file. If you look in the interwikis you'll see that the versions that have the file upload based on the English file. 20:10, 15 Luanistyn 2011 (UTC)
As an editor and contributor here I have no problem assisting editors in creating articles. However it is not my job to furnish that article with supplementary or complimentary details, including images. If you wish an image to be uploaded then you should consider creating an account. As the only admin on this project and one of only two interface translators, combined with non-Wikipedia commitments, my workload is heavy enough as it is. Mac Tíre Cowag 20:20, 15 Luanistyn 2011 (UTC)
OK, can you see if you can improve Dumbo, and maybe The Aristocats? If you can't upload the images I can accept that as long as you can improve the article texts in Disney films. 00:38, 12 Jerrey Fouyir 2011 (UTC)
I'm sorry but I have no interest in those articles. I have far better things to be spending my time on than being a servant to your animation needs. If you want to upload an image, then create an account. If you want the text expanded then learn Manx. If you need help doing any of those things just ask, but I am not going to do your work for you. Mac Tíre Cowag 08:52, 12 Jerrey Fouyir 2011 (UTC)
I don't want to interfere in MacTire's affairs (please feel free to shut me up, Vac). However, I'm struggling to see what you're looking for from (or contributing to) this Wikipedia. You don't seem to speak any Manx, so I can't see that you'll benefit from having Manx articles to read, even if they are about your favourite subjects. You want images and files inserted in them, but despite being around for a while you have no account to do it yourself. If you just want an article to exist for some kind of completionist satisfaction, that's really your issue. Given how many important articles are missing from this wiki, articles on English-language films with perfectly good articles on that wiki can wait. If you really want an article improved, the general wiki rule is to do it yourself. Especially on small wikis, it is not the responsibility of the few editors to create articles at someone else's behest, it's a favour. And given your lack of Manx, catering to your interests is not a priority. -- Shimmin Beg 09:09, 12 Jerrey Fouyir 2011 (UTC)
Himmin, ta failt roish dagh red ta ry-ghra ayd. Gura mie ayd son ny ta scruit ayd heose. Mac Tíre Cowag 15:18, 12 Jerrey Fouyir 2011 (UTC)

Clowan:Max[edit source]

Va mee er çhee croo Clowan:Max, agh honnick mee dy vel eh scryssit ayd hannah, myr shen, cha row mee shickyr. Ta ymmyd jeant jeh ayns ny clowanyn soiaghey. Vel fa er lheh nagh lhisin eh y chroo? -- Shimmin Beg 08:51, 20 Mean Souree 2011 (UTC)

Ec y traa v'ayn ren mee prowal cur y clowan shen er bun, agh cha row mee jargal eh dy chur ayns bree ny d'obbraghey. Er-yn-oyr shen, as er-yn-oyr nagh row eh ymmydit ayns duillagyn elley erbee ren mee scryssey magh eh. My vel oo shirrey cur eh er ash jean eh my saillt. Nee'm ceau my hooillyn harrish tra t'eh er ny chreaghney ayd son dy akin cre v'ayn nagh ren mee toiggal tra. Mac Tíre Cowag 11:08, 20 Mean Souree 2011 (UTC)

AutoWikiBrowser[edit source]

Moghrey mie! Ta mee er ve jeeaghyn er en:Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser bentyn rish obbraghyn karree, cur stiagh paramateryn tra ta shin mooadaghey clowan, as lheid yn obbyr skeeagh. Mannagh vel oo shassoo noi, nee'm eab lesh. Cha s'aym my vees feme aym er kiart oikoil (myr t'eh er ny my vees eh gobbraghey er y wiki shoh gyn mish shirrey orroo kiart ain y chur, agh nee'm feysht orroo. -- Shimmin Beg 10:56, 1 Mean Fouyir 2011 (UTC)

Jean dty chooid share as gow er oaie lesh yn obbyr shen, wooinney. My vel crampyssyn ny feyshtyn my-e-chione cur fys aym as nee'm jannoo my chooid share dy chur chooney dhyt. Mac Tíre Cowag 19:34, 5 Mean Fouyir 2011 (UTC)
T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel eh gobbraghey dy mie, er son feddyn-as-caghlaa er y chooid sloo. Cha nel feme ain er kiart oikoil peiagh ennagh, myr t'eh. Nee'm ymmyd jeh dys karraghey lheid ny marranyssyn beggey rish tammylt as feddyn magh my ta doilleeid erbee ayn. -- Shimmin Beg 20:58, 5 Mean Fouyir 2011 (UTC)

The Rescuers[edit source]

Can you expand the article on The Rescuers please? 22:34, 5 Mean Fouyir 2011 (UTC)

Yes check.svgY Jeant Mac Tíre Cowag 08:17, 6 Mean Fouyir 2011 (UTC)

More sysop work![edit source]

Hi MacTíre. Shimmin Beg asked me to do some sysop/crat work in MW space - fix the usual css weirdness, etc, and fix up some stuff. Just letting you know, as you're the only sysop :) Meta request here - Alison 04:00, 27 Mee Houney 2011 (UTC)

Go raibh míle maith agat as ucht do chuid cabhrach, a Alison. Tá fáilte buan romhat ar an tionscadal seo. Mac Tíre Cowag 15:00, 27 Mee Houney 2011 (UTC)
Béarla arís :) Can either of you posssibly detail exactly what issues you're seeing with the css and js setup? There are an absolute mountain of differences across the wikis and you guys are very far back in the updates. I could do a mega-update, but I don't want to risk breaking things here, so increments may be better. Are there specific templates or navboxes that are giving trouble? - Alison 07:51, 29 Mee Houney 2011 (UTC)
To be honest I'm not entirely sure what needs doing. I'm not bad when it comes to the html stuff but when it comes to the css I'm only really a learner. Myself and Shimmin were speaking about the CSS styles here. If there's anything else that needs doing can you let me know so I can see what you are doing (so I can learn to do it for the future). Mac Tíre Cowag 19:27, 29 Mee Houney 2011 (UTC)
I don't know about js - I haven't touched it on wiki (never had the permissions) and the only thing I know that uses it here is the show/hide button. The current css issue I picked up on while working on Clowan:Wikispecies, having noticed it was floating left instead of right. Tracked it down through sidebar and ambox to the css. I haven't done a full comparison, I'm afraid. We're missing the whole section "/* Cell sizes for ambox/tmbox/imbox/cmbox/ombox/fmbox/dmbox message boxes */ down to "Style for horizontal lists (separator following item)", and that's all I checked because it seemed the relevant bit. For now I've fettled it with inline styles (but it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth). I don't know what other omissions I just haven't spotted yet or might need in the future. To some extent it might be worth working towards basically using the css as we tend to use their templates? -- Shimmin Beg 09:40, 30 Mee Houney 2011 (UTC)

Postyn-l er Tshwane[edit source]

Hoi Vac, ta mee er co-screeu marish Phil Kelly bentyn rish termeeaght, as lurg tammylt hug eh fys orrym nagh nee obbyr CnG eh fockleyreen Tshwane, agh eh obbyr hene. Myr shen ta beggan termeeaght ny Coonceil ayn, agh ta'n chooid elley jeh raad erbee honnick eh ee myr recortys ymmyd. Cha row fys ayms er shen, as cha s'aym my row fys ayds noadyr. Aghterbee, mannagh nee termeeaght oikoil t'ayn, er lhiam nagh vel eh orrin termeeaght y chaghlaa my ta focklyn noa çheet rish 'syn 'ockleyreen, mannagh vel fa mie ayn. Va mee gobbraghey rere shen derrey nish. -- Shimmin Beg 16:08, 15 Mee ny Nollick 2011 (UTC)

Gow my leshtal, Himmin, er son yn assaar aym ayns shoh. Ta mee jeeragh erreish arraghey gys arasane noa as va mooarane ry yannoo rere shen. Cha row fys shickyr aym fo shen, agh va mee credjal dy row red ennagh cosoylagh rish shen taghyrt - keayrtyn, honnick mee dy row focklyn as termeeaght dy row er nyn groo ain ayns shoh ry-gheddyn ayns fockleyr Tshwane. Ren mee smooinaghtyn dy row scansh as ardjid vooar ec y Cheallach 'sy Choonseil, as rere shen, va mee smooinaghtyn nagh row crampys erbee ayn lesh ny focklyn shen (v'er nyn groo ain). Rere yn oayllys shen, ta mee credjal dy vel orrin ny smoo arrey as currym dy chur rish termeeaght as focklyn noa ayns shoh. Lhisagh shin sorch dy chorys dy chur er bun son focklyn noa dy chroo, lheid as shoh:
  1. Er-yn-oyr dy vel y Ghaelg ny s'faggys da'n Ghaelg Albinagh, lhisagh shin jeeaghyn ayns fockleyryn as stiureyderyn termeeaght
    y Ghaelg Albinagh da'n chied cheayrt.
  2. Mannagh vel y fockle ry-gheddyn 'sy Ghaelg Albinagh, lhisagh shin jeeaghyn ayns fockleyryn as stiureyderyn termeeaght y Yernish.
  3. Mannagh vel y fockle ry-gheddyn 'sy Ghaelg Albinagh ny 'sy Yernish, as my vel fraue Ghreagish ny Ladjyn echey 'sy Vaarle, cur
    Gaelg er ny fraueyn.
  4. My vel eh shen cur fockle noa quaagh ayn (gyn blayst ny Gaelgey er cheu ny cleayshyn Gaelgagh), jean harrish-lettraghey er yn
    'ockle Baarleagh.
Cre er lhiat? Mac Tíre Cowag 22:23, 18 Mee ny Nollick 2011 (UTC)
Ny jean boirey er. S'treisht lhiam nogh row rouyr boirey ort liorish arraghey. Er lhiam dy nee corys mie t'ayn. Red elley: Mychione termeeaght chultoor y theay, mannagh vel fockle Gaelgagh cooie ry-gheddyn, er lhiam dy beagh eh ny share fockle as y blass kiart er y resooney magh na'n Vaarle y harrish-lettraghey, foddee. Cre er lhiat? -- Shimmin Beg 09:31, 20 Mee ny Nollick 2011 (UTC)